When A Dictator Wants To Become Salonfähig

Solo Mornington: Where’s the party? 🙂

SaveMe Oh: The party is tonight, 28 of May as it was yesterday and also 25 of May and also coming days and months.


Solo Mornington: You know, if you make these letters larger, they’ll appear on the map. Which could be amusing.

SaveMe Oh: I already made before large structures in LEA that appeared on the map, but I am glad you also start to see the advantage of that.

LEA plattegrond

Rose Borchovski: Why did you come Solo?

Solo Mornington: Why wouldn’t I come? It’s a thing. It’s happening.

Solo Mornington: Also I kind of own the sim. 🙂

Solo Mornington: And the spirit of LEA is that SaveMe Oh is now doing an exhibit on a sim owned by Solo Mornington. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: There is still space on the S,

SaveMe Oh: let me think….

SaveMe Oh: S……

SaveMe Oh: Solo?????

SaveMe Oh: Would you mind to hang something?? Have you ever made something nice Solo?

Solo Mornington: I’ve made a few nice things, but not so much flat art.

SaveMe Oh: I could flatten it for you?

SaveMe Oh: You can also put a lovely pic from when you were a nice young man?

SaveMe Oh: By the way Solo, did you already unban me from LEA 1 – 6?

Solo Mornington: Nope. You managed to burn that bridge.

Solo Mornington: Let it rez. Reminds me of something a friend says. One man’s griefing is another man’s visually appealing spectacle.

Solo Mornington: Btw, I’m the committee liaison for this region. send a notecard with an opening announcement and I’ll blog it.

SaveMe Oh: I prefer you won’t blog it

Solo Mornington: ok. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: As that might attract a certain kind of people

Solo Mornington: People you dislike because they’re different from you?

SaveMe Oh: Now if you, as a dictator, want to become salonfähig I would skip that last remark!


Tonight, one of the openings of the openings to come. Where??? In LEA 11.

The party is where we are!  What time??? When we are there!

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