Is Nothing A Tautology?

Now LEA has become an artsim finally with me taking over the place it is nice ofcourse to have some art talk.

Paul Newton: ok and then?

Paul Newton: is this important to define what is a tautology?

SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: so, there you have your answer

SaveMe Oh: No

Paul Newton: this is not a tautology

SaveMe Oh: i mean

Paul Newton: i see referential meanings in these things

SaveMe Oh: good for you

Paul Newton: this form is not independent by nature

Paul Newton: this shape i mean

SaveMe Oh: and?

Paul Newton: it has a denotative meaning

SaveMe Oh: so?

Paul Newton: so is not a self-reflection

SaveMe Oh: but?

Paul Newton: nothing is a tautology

SaveMe Oh: so?

Paul Newton: that nothing over there

Paul Newton: where the shape contains its meaning

SaveMe Oh: leads us to?

Paul Newton: to the self-reflection of a tautological meaning in art

SaveMe Oh: You know something?

Paul Newton: if we have something like that nothing

Paul Newton: that has a tautological meaning

Paul Newton: we have a sculputure that reflect itself

Paul Newton: or not?

Paul Newton: why this self-reflection?

SaveMe Oh: You are the first one completely understanding my artwork

3 thoughts on “Is Nothing A Tautology?

  1. hey ush:) if we have a “zero degree” (example: that tautological “Nothing”) this means that we should search art in its absence. this means, again, that the only place where we can find it is in a “remembrance”. and this is again an immaterial-form and not a pleonastic presence.

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