Frozen Moose Start Begging Me

After I liberated last week LEA and finally turned it into an artsim now groups of sim and gallery owners are fighting to have me on their premises

Glasz DeCuir: Hello SaveMe, are you busy? Can you come to take a portrait for a poster, please?

SaveMe Oh: you have rats in your garden?

But the ones really begging me were the frozen moose of the University of Umeå. They hardly can get a living soul crazy enough to go to their dark, cold and depressing land. Every sane person will think: “why visit such a place when I am still alive? Don’t I have eternity to go there when I am dead?”

But when Goodwing Seiling starts to cry out loud and begged me on her knees to please, please help her out my good heart melted and I said yes to her too quickly.

Goodwind Seiling: how are you?

SaveMe Oh: I am fine, just occupied LEA

Goodwind Seiling: SaveMe, I beg you, would you also be so kind to occupy our HUMLAB sim as nobody ever goes there, we have zero visitors, you can have the place for free as long as you want? Even when you rez here a toilet to shit here once in a while it already would make us extremely happy and grateful as we never had a famous artist here??? Please????!!!!

SaveMe Oh: What is this ugly piece of land?

Goodwind Seiling: It belongs to a university in northern Sweden. The place is divided into several activities but not a living soul wants to be active on it. Mostly it is very quiet…ok, ok, completely dead!

SaveMe Oh: And is it ok I cover up the ugliness of this sim?

Goodwind Seiling: Of course:) Go ahead and be my guest

SaveMe Oh: That I don’t see those ugly buildings, that ugly water and that ugly grass?

Goodwind Seiling: Sure, anything you would like to do here, you are welcomed to do it.

SaveMe Oh: Can I fuck Igor Ballyhoo here in secret?

Goodwind Seiling: As long as you keep yourself to this parcel

SaveMe Oh: And would you be so kind to flatten the land for me and already remove the grass as I hate grass in my ass?

Goodwind Seiling: Ok, how would you like to have it flattened?

SaveMe Oh: Completely flat and not a sign of natural things as I hate nature.

Goodwind Seiling: ok, can you build a sky platform instead?

SaveMe Oh: No, I hate sky platforms as no-one ever runs into them

Goodwind Seiling: This is not our normal parcel and I have to check if I have the permission to do that with our sim-manager

SaveMe Oh: When you don’t succeed I might have to blackmail you with some secret information I have. But I won’t tell the large amount of money you are offering me to do so

Goodwind Seiling: Are you ok with our demand that you update our blog + Vimeo?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, blog yes, Vimeo depends how the work turns out as I only make movies and not documentaries. But in that case I ask my fans as they make all the time movies about me

SaveMe Oh:

Goodwind Seiling: Wow – you are such a big star (bitch!!)

SaveMe Oh: Sorry, but it’s nothing but the truth

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