Jayjay Zifanwe Aka The Blank Entry

Almost no living soul is visiting anymore the complete idiot Art Ikea from UWA.  A sim only rezzed to promote another desolate and deserted University were no one wants to be found dead, the University of Western Australia, you know, the one with the erected dick as landmark.

Just like the sad people of Pirats they invented once a concept, around the year zero, and continue with it as if they invented Columbus egg. In UWA this means an Art Ikea with in every corner a sad space for some forgotten SL artist who is rewarded with an all exclusive own name tag, hooray!


Now my darling and almost wife Rose Borchovski is the mother of a lot of Susa’s and as she becomes extremely sentimental after a bottle of cheap Chianti wine she always want to rez the little pervert bastards again for every opportunity she gets and when FreeWee Ling begged her to rez the little bastards in a corner of the Art Ikea she couldn’t resist.

As I follow my almost wife blind in whatever she does I finished also a bottle of Chianti to visit her work in the Art Ikea and found myself behind banlines and it was only then that I discovered one of the biggest scams in SL. The slaves of the UWA toilet lady Jayjay Zifanwe, FreeWee Ling or Quadrapop Lane found a way to ban me without their upper-idiot knowing it. What they did is asking several B artists in a secret form if they would wish to have SaveMe Oh banned from their little shitty piece of space for their attempts of art. And for the ones who wish they created a private SaveMe Oh banspace around the attempt of art. How they did it? By enter my name on every little spot on a banlist and after remove the trace of my name by changing it for EMPTY SPACE.

Jayjay Zifanwe: I don’t see your name on the banned list.

SaveMe Oh: I am here in a square locked up

Jayjay Zifanwe: Your name is not on the region or land ban list. I’m not sure what to do

Jayjay Zifanwe: Your name seemed to be white listed. There was an ’empty’ entry on the banned list which I removed.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Weird

SaveMe Oh: So that’s how your friends trick you. You are even too stupid to control them.

SaveMe Oh: And now here he same, banlines!

SaveMe Oh: Are you awake?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Where?

SaveMe Oh: In front of me, banlines

Jayjay Zifanwe: Again… I can’t see your name.. but a blank entry

SaveMe Oh: That’s how your friends fool you. Maybe you should consider retire? as you are getting to old to keep up with new developments

SaveMe Oh: Read this; Banned residents: SaveMe OHare, SaveMe Ohmai, Savememan. Allowed resident : FreeWee Ling

SaveMe Oh: Curious

Jayjay Zifanwe: Yes but no SaveMe Oh, only a blank entry

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know if the bitch banned me in every corner

SaveMe Oh: Ok, also here

SaveMe Oh: Maybe she asked the artists if they want me banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ok I’ll have to talk to her then

SaveMe Oh: Talk with her???? Send the bitch away I would say

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have to check with people who help me, anyway, that’s easier than me going to every work and doing extra work. Maybe she knows how to undo everything at once

SaveMe Oh: I always helped you and this is how I am rewarded

SaveMe Oh: Very curious, Glyph Graves wants me banned  and  Thoth Jantzen too.

SaveMe Oh: She must have had a meeting with them to have me banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: I’m not sure.  I’ll check

SaveMe Oh: I’m sure now

SaveMe Oh: As those names are not random. I am not banned at the work of newbies or fools but at the works of the B artists in secondlife everybody knows as major assholes. For sure afraid I would pee on their sad attempts of art.

SaveMe Oh: Nino Vichan

SaveMe Oh: also banned there

SaveMe Oh: Yepar…banned

SaveMe Oh: Eifachfilm Vacirca…banned

SaveMe Oh: Cherry Manga…wow…not banned

SaveMe Oh: Nexuno Thespian…banned

Jayjay Zifanwe: I have no idea SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: I have

SaveMe Oh: That bitch FreeWee asked every artist personal If they would like to have me banned

SaveMe Oh: and then add that blank entry in the banlist with my name under it so you could not detect it

Jayjay Zifanwe: If she was doing that surely some would have come spoken to you… no?

SaveMe Oh: no, never

SaveMe Oh: it was a secret action

SaveMe Oh: Barry Richez…banned

SaveMe Oh: Anley Piers, also a friend…not banned

SaveMe Oh: and for sure she didn’t ask Rose if she would like to have me banned

SaveMe Oh: Really disgusting

[15:53] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:54] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:57] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:58] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[15:59] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:02] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:02] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

[16:03] Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Enjoy your friendships. Bye


6 thoughts on “Jayjay Zifanwe Aka The Blank Entry

  1. [08:08] SaveMe Oh: ok, you deserved your free publicity again, the way you do it is rather sad, I must say. https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/jayjay-zifanwe-aka-the-blank-entry/
    [08:12] Jayjay Zifanwe: hmmm
    [08:12] Jayjay Zifanwe: why did you edit out all the parts where i unbanned you as soon as i saw it
    [08:12] Jayjay Zifanwe: you are being unfair
    [08:12] Jayjay Zifanwe: leaving out parts where i help
    [08:13] Jayjay Zifanwe: there was no need to do that
    [08:13] SaveMe Oh: Because I dont have the visuals
    [08:13] Jayjay Zifanwe: doesnt matter
    [08:13] SaveMe Oh: nobody will understand it without the images, as you alredy hardly understand it
    [08:13] Jayjay Zifanwe: if you edit the convo just to suit yourself’you are lying to anyone who reads your posts
    [08:13] SaveMe Oh: And about being fair you are the last one who can speak about that
    [08:14] Jayjay Zifanwe: fix it, or i will never again read anything you send me
    [08:14] SaveMe Oh: As you are maybe the mosy unfair person is SL
    [08:14] SaveMe Oh: hiding it the best
    [08:14] SaveMe Oh: that I have to admit
    [08:15] SaveMe Oh: WHen you start with unbanning me once and for all first
    [08:17] SaveMe Oh: And you helped me??? WIth 3 spots, after you gave up
    [08:17] Jayjay Zifanwe: well
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: youn told me
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: maybe the artists requested it
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: thats why i stopped
    [08:18] SaveMe Oh: thats even more disgusting
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: i didnt think of that at first
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: but when i checked
    [08:18] SaveMe Oh: the artist requested it
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: i fund it wasnt the case
    [08:18] SaveMe Oh: and when they request you kill me on the spot?
    [08:18] Jayjay Zifanwe: freewee said she had no idea that happened
    [08:19] Jayjay Zifanwe: as i sent the message to you
    [08:19] Jayjay Zifanwe: anyway, if you post convos, and edit them to make yourself look better
    [08:19] SaveMe Oh: nobody ever knows what happend there but it happens
    [08:19] Jayjay Zifanwe: then you cant be believed
    [08:19] SaveMe Oh: wir haben es nicht gewust
    [08:19] Jayjay Zifanwe: you cant leave things out to make yourself look better
    [08:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: people will only respect you if you speak the truth
    [08:20] SaveMe Oh: You cant ban people to make yourself look better
    [08:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: i dont
    [08:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: i have unbanned you more times
    [08:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: than anyone in SL
    [08:20] Jayjay Zifanwe: you cannot dispute that
    [08:20] SaveMe Oh: and you let your people ban me everytime again
    [08:20] SaveMe Oh: very easy
    [08:20] SaveMe Oh: you the saint, they the devils
    [08:21] Jayjay Zifanwe: i am consistent
    [08:21] Jayjay Zifanwe: even when M Linden was here
    [08:21] Jayjay Zifanwe: i brought you back
    [08:21] SaveMe Oh: consistent liar
    [08:21] Jayjay Zifanwe: i dont care which celebrity it is
    [08:21] SaveMe Oh: you are like Pilate everytime washing your hands
    [08:22] SaveMe Oh: take you responsabilty or quit
    [08:22] Jayjay Zifanwe: if you want to post a convo
    [08:22] Jayjay Zifanwe: dont edit parts of it
    [08:22] Jayjay Zifanwe: thats all i was telling you
    [08:22] Jayjay Zifanwe: i diditn complain about anything else you write
    [08:22] SaveMe Oh: ANd you know what I am telling you. Don’t cultivate being stupid

    • Save Me Oh please save me. My experience with you since becoming a resident of sl has shown me only that you are a rude, egomaniacal, insulting, pugnacious narcissist. The few things I’ve read that you’ve written come across to me as sour grapes because yet another person refused to allow you anywhere near them due to your repugnant personality. I think UWA serves a great purpose in sl and have enjoyed watching creators develop there over the years by taking advantage of the space provided by Jayjay. You are a destructive presence in sl, Save Me. Perhaps it’s the Chianti speaking using your mouth as its puppet.

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