SaveMe Oh – Yoshikaze’s New Artist-in-Residence

Yoshikaze is pleased to announce SaveMe Oh as our next artist-in-residence. SaveMe has been well-known in SL art communities for her persona often described by others as “bitchy.”  Over the years through the careful construction of her character, she has intelligently managed to prove her creativity and integrity in a most constant fashion.  We are thrilled to have her as our next artist.

This is how the happy frozen moose of the University of Umeå cry out in the online world because they finally found somebody who can really bring some sun in their sad dark days. Because the poor souls allready suffer the whole year I decided to at least give freedom to their avatars who have the right not to been dragged into the same depressive dead end street as their First Life counterparts. So here is the idea:


Third Life

Why we avatars always have to obey the moods and demands of our RL counterparts? One day they just park us at another horrible event in one of Secondlife’s art sims like UWA or LEA were the primglued attempt of art make you wanna suicide on the spot, the other day they make you perform as a virtual pole-dancer to earn some cash because the RL counterpart is to frugal to take a premium account.
When the moment arrives that you actually start to be more a personality than your RL counterpart, who you might consider as a elderly catlady with a hobby or a wannabe curator who is in reality the toiletlady at some dark and forgotten university it is time to free the avatar, get independent, and let’s create ourselves a Third Life were we can relax as we wish, get some entertainment, work on our health and watch a decent sunset.

Get also a Third Life and make it YOU who is in control!

SaveMe Oh at Humlab


So I urge all avatars to visit coming weeks the construction of the THIRD LIFE SANCTUARY and let’s hope we soon all can enjoy the place without being constantly disturbed by our First Life counterparts.



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