Cheesus, What About My Thesis?

In my Second Life I have been subject of a thesis already a lot of times, in the beginning it started with the social experiment in Public Townscape (see the early post in this blog) or and after Wirxli Flimflam had to suicide to get his thesis done. Books where written and more books to come.

Also this year the requests to contribute to some kind of thesis are over floating my mailbox.

Now a secret tip; when you want to know all about the good works off SaveMe Oh, just go to her greatest fan’s blog, Phd Larry Snavel from the university of Boston who studied me well and wrote several reviews.

Here some of the questions they need to ask to be graduated in me.

Clara Margarida Gomes asked me this:

Hi Save, About the interview I had asked you – could you answer some questions for my thesis? Visited your exhibition on LEA11. Cool!

-You are the most arrogant and feared artist in SL. Are you proud of your achievements?

I am very proud that finally the first results of my endless efforts to educate the arrogant primgluers of Second Life are getting visible. It is a long struggle to make people aware from the fact that the key for virtual worlds is interaction and now glueing a few prims together and go sit waiting until somebody comes to watch and say OOOO or AAAAA.

-What justifies your modus operandi?

Second Life is not a museum nor a concert hall. We are all in our own screen and there is not any reason why we should behave according to rules, invented on the spot by some sim or galley owners. Second Life is a platform created to interact, so that is what we should do instead of being forced in the same laws and regulations that are bothering us already in real life. So I feel the complete freedom to be whatever I want on whatever time I wish in my screen. When I find a few people with the same attitude we see the real second life flourish!

-I consider you to be the most direct descendant of Gazira Babeli, the mother of code performance. Is this an insult or a compliment?(haven’t seen her for 2 years… have you?)

I am not a descendant of anybody, I was around when she was around, she only dried up a little bit quicker than me. And the name is only popular with some old farts who think Second Front were the Sex Pistols of Second Life when they were instead more a therapy group for elderly catladies who faked creative Alzheimer and rebirthing insanity.

-Some people say making art in SL is not a freeware activity – you need money to buy sims and prims and what not. What’s your take on this?

When you are widely loved like me you don’t need money because money doesn’t keep love alive. Since my first day in Second Life I had people who want to Save Me, offered me houses, sims and building space. And when I perform people share, without me asking, Linden with me. I had to create a special avatar who holds all my money, in case one day they will ban me forever. And now I am already for some years completely happy with my almost wife Rose Borchovski who feeds me, gives me space and loves me unconditionally  as she, just like all of us, need one person who is completely honest to her, true love.

-How does you creative process develop?

My creative process is triggered mostly by accident. I run into something that attract my attention, bothers me or wonders me and then it starts to boil in my head. That’s a permanent process what make it difficult for me to function normal. Good thing in the world is that we have more than enough normal people to keep the balance.

-You used video footage of yourself (dancing?) in the last exhibition. Why?

You think I used video footage of myself in the last exhibition and maybe I did but it could also be an Asian looking model who suicide some years ago with whom somebody identifies me. Some days you might get the feeling SaveMe Oh is everybody. You never know.

-Who are you saving SaveMe?

I am saving the idiots who had the luck a great new artistic platform was offered to them. But the only thing they could think of doing there is was to recreated and copy their sad first lives. Those people are saved by me. Even if they don’t want to be saved as they are not in the position anymore to make clear judgements.

2 thoughts on “Cheesus, What About My Thesis?

  1. You are forgetting some happy avatars with a happy first life that only want to push that happiness to the limits of the metaverse.
    Is happiness an art?

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