Is It Fair Linden Lab Owns Our Stolen Stuff?

Is it fair that when I steal a Mark Rothko or a Mondriaan to use as a texture in one of my famous attachments, the thing is completely owned by Linden Lab and that I only have paid options to steal it back from them to take it to an Opensim or have to spend months to build the stuff all over again?

Primary circus

Everywhere you see initiatives to escape from this capitalist Linden Lab system, where we are forced into slave labour to create everything for them without owning anything, and try share and open source systems instead. But we avatars ourselves are the main problem. We created a slave identity and we want to keep that slave identity as nobody wants to be reborn as a free noob X.

This fact becomes the most clear when people start open sim initiatives who all turn out to be cheap copies of Linden Lab where frustrated avatars try to invent again the wheel. First we had the Italians gather together on Craft, now we have the French gather together on Francogrid and Aire Mille Flux.

And what we have to do there? We are encouraged to spend the rest of our virtual life as a walking lamppost in an open sim, noticed by nobody. Do we want that????? Nooooooo!

So we start all over again to recreate ourselves. Using of course our secondlife names as otherwise nobody would recognise us when we are tagged on facebook. When Kikas Babenco and Marmaduke Arado perform in Aire who would know who they are when they would not call themselves K&M but for example H&M or C&A or Ben&Jerry or even M&M?


I do the same, being the most famous avatar of all times the first thing I do is recreate the eternal beauty of myself as I hate being a cactus or teapot as the first sculpture I ever did in my secondlife was myself and on the first day I saw it was good.


Climbing into Aire Mille Flux

As nobody has time to rebuild complete inventories for yet another virtual world the performances held in these open sims are like real life war gamers going to Waterloo to recreate the Napoleonic Wars, having their BMW and Mercedes parked around the corner.

And so the artists who take the effort can do nothing else then share their stuff in an attempt to make it look like interaction. Sweet of them but wearing “an avatar parking”, a term I invented for secondlife, is quite silly in an environment which has hardly any avatars. (Some artists can change the word SILLY for SURREAL if it suits them better.)

So until some whizzkid finds a way to steal back our stolen stuff from Linden Lab so we can use it freely in any virtual world we are doomed to keep copies of ourselves for 3 different viewers and 10 different virtual platforms as that is the price we have to pay to be ourselves at any time. And about the question that I am not even SaveMe Oh I prefer not to think at all!

10 thoughts on “Is It Fair Linden Lab Owns Our Stolen Stuff?

  1. No problem for me, I’m an avatar of the metaverse not only of SL, I like to play with my shape, free upload anims and textures, be in worlds without visual noise reinvent the wheel and, in this case, practice my french.

  2. There’s something you’ve got wrong, if you have made your primary / mesh and textures you can freely export the ones out of Second Life.
    But if you do not have the full rights of course you can not.

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