Self Reflections

It was a busy week as the most famous avatar of Secondlife, after occupying LEA 11 and becoming artist in residence of Yosikaze’s Humlab moviemaker Iono Allen made me walk almost a marathon to shoot his movie and after I had to die for Mr. Bones in the freezing cold waters of his LEA sim for his next movie.

Here is the first result of their efforts, the best movie Iono Allen ever made, starring me!

In an attempt to say something sensible he came to this:

Self Reflection: Playing with lights and with our own shadows.

Self Reflection: Playing with the effects of mirrors on our own image: symmetry, multiplication, distortion.

Self Reflection: Inviting the most narcissic avatar in Second Life : she claims she is the best artist in SL and is the president of SL.

Of course this is a lot of bullshit but the movie is great. For sure the winner in the UWA contest. Iono promissed me a midweek in his cottage to celebrate the victory.

5 thoughts on “Self Reflections

  1. Amazing, astonishing and wonderful! I never thought a woman could be so beautiful., I am so reposting this!

    My profound respect and gratitude to Iono Allen for showing me what straight men see when they look at women! 😉

    SaveMe, you looked awesome – but then you always do, which of course is why the other bitchez harass you so much.

  2. saveme… please, from cezanne to lewitt ALL in the “modernist” scene is under the sign of this (autoreferential) “self-reflection” (and thus again from jakobson to the recent semiology, where the “poetic” function is considered exactly tautological – in few words, this poetic function is not a language/referential function). is a bit sad to read this blog (focused on this argument) if you don’t know of what are you talking about… (in your case: art history).

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