When His Dick Wouldn’t Reflect

As almost everybody knows inferior universities in the middle of nowhere who are desperately searching for new students use every possibility to promote their horror campuses. In Secondlife the most notorious is the Australian UWA where the bellboy Jayjay Zifanwe was giving the order to start an everlasting promotion campaign in which he has to find a way to promote his UWA dick without making any costs. Poor artists who need a platform to promote their arts are his easy victims. Also poor Iono Allen, who made by accident some great movies (all starring me) and a lot of rubbish (all his other movies) begged again on his knees if he could participate in another promotion campaign of the Australian Dick Society, with the theme “the dick reflection”.

But in his movie it was only the reflections of me and not a trace of a reflection of Jayjay’s dick (or his clocktower as he calls it).

Iono Allen: I have been refused to UWA contest?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Hi Iono…sorry bro… I had already rejected a few without meeting the guidelines…. can’t accept it into the challenge. You could have done a shot of her walking through the trees (in Somerville theatre) to qualify it… didn’t have to be of the clocktower (in fact the clocktower is not in the guidelines… it is the reflection pond).

Now judge for yourself. Shouldn’t this be the winner?


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