Banning Bots

The latest fashion in SL artworld is bot dropping. You programate your avatar in a looping sequence, dump the junk in a sim and let the poor avatar move like a bunny on batteries. While the poor avatar is forced in labour, the RL counterparts of these avi’s can go to a garden to greet the sun in their yoga practices. But their state of Zen explode in a second when they find out that during their absence real artists took the opportunity to upgrade the screensaver art by real interaction with the poor bots. Creating a new ever changing environment which makes the bot setup vivid, funny and playful.

Jo Ellsmere's boring bots upgraded by some SaveMe's from flesh and blood!

An audience builds up in a second when people notice that there is something real happening but then the RL counterparts of the bots crawl back in their dummies in a hasty search for the ban button. And that the ban button is the first thing installed when you think of a sim which is a collaboration of notorious ban lovers like FreeWee Ling, Artistic Depression and Oberon Onmura will wonder nobody. That these ego trippers are now joined by Odyssey freedom fighters Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko is the latest sad development. In their goal to become famous before they die they must have felt the urge to grab some power in an attempt to get there without disturbance. You don’t need enemies anymore with such friends.


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