Waiting For The Jehovah’s Witness

A modern variation of Samuel Beckett absurdist play Waiting for Godot.

Now picture a poor wandering musician who is the favourite doggie of artspammer Cat Boucher in Secondlife. You know the kind; the one who try to tell you every day they have the concert of the century. When I made a remark about her spamming she send me her doggie Silas Scarborough / Alan Stewart Fraser. What followed was a masterpiece of which I am sure it will be top of the bill in all worldwide theatres who stage Beckett, Ionesco and Jarry.

Act 1

Alan Stewart Fraser walks inside a circus ring where the diva SaveMe Oh is swinging high above him as the world famous trapeze artist when he start barking at her.

Center of the sun

Alan Stewart Fraser: Just a self-justifying griefer. Not original in any way.

Alan Stewart Fraser: Another two-bit attention slut in a virtual world that’s full of them

Alan Stewart Fraser: Cheap, hackneyed, unoriginal, mundane – simple enough for you?

Alan Stewart Fraser: Your greatest resemblance is to Jehovah’s Witnesses. They live for abuse as well.

Alan Stewart Fraser: I expect you google most of what you do. It’s certainly not original.

SaveMe, who hardly plays attention to him shows a nasty smile and continues high above him communicating on her Ipad to the world.

SaveMe Oh: not so quick, I have to copy and paste everything on Facebook

Alan Stewart Fraser: Of course you don’t make your own material. Just another Jehovah’s Witness pretending to be an artist.

Edward Folger, SaveMe’s catcher hangs upside down rehearsing his movements.

Edward Folger: This is so true – I have seen all the same stuff done upside down by Yo ImFine

Alan Stewart Fraser: She gives to art what a dog gives another animal when it sniffs its ass to say hello.

Then the Ant Tamer Larkworthy walks in and hear what is said. She try’s to calm down the overheated musician.

Larkworthy Antfarm:  Jehovah’s witnesses wearing ratty fur coats came to my door. I squirted them with my garden hose. Shall I do that to you Save Me? Or is it Silas who needs cooling off? Seriously, dude. You are asking for one of those bacon burger sized heart attack

Alan Stewart Fraser: I’m not bent, I’m amused. By the way, I’ve been quite active in some of the things you have mentioned. Careful with your judgment unless you know the material.

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am not judging just saying if you are gonna die of a heart attack make the thing you were mad about worth it. You got good old fashioned righteous anger and there are places where that’s needed. In an SL environment it just makes me laugh all the more at the silliness I witness.

Edward Folger: OO … ooo … flame war over nothing! SaveMe triumphs again

Alan Stewart Fraser: The only triumph she will ever have is when art museums start scraping their collections off the sidewalk.

Larkworthy Antfarm:  Silas I have been to your shows. You are talented. But for the audience an SL live music event is not compelling to participate in. It is an animated stream. Click on, go vacuum or do the excise bike. Great music. If you talk to audiences, they aren’t there half the time. Paid cheerleaders throw up party pack gestures that say what a hot babe the musician is. Fake atmosphere. Do anything unexpected, you get banned. I have been testing by jumping onstage and dancing with the musicians. It gets ya banned even when the musician gave permission in advance. And that is dancing in some outlandish monkey suit or as a crow. Or spitting donuts. These things get me banned at music events. While being hunched over AFK does not, Yawn. Enbrace the new world order. Or wake us up when the old world is over.

Alan Stewart Fraser: She comes to shows to disrupt them and acts like it’s art. Then she whines about mistreatment when she’s banned. It’s idiotic. What she does is considerably more disruptive than the things you mentioned. She’s just another griefer in a monkey suit.

Larkworthy Antfarm: But I get banned for these least offenses. For throwing panties. Yes I have a panty thrower. Heaven forbid I ever use it to shower a musician with silly praise.

Alan Stewart Fraser: People used to throw lingerie in my gigs all the time! There are lots of venues run by cranks these days.

Larkworthy Antfarm: Live music is not fun for viewers. Save Me shows up and an event is fun for a few minutes. Out of joint noses aside, it is not the end of the SL world for her to splatter our screens with mayhem. You all get your chance to play in the drama by getting all self-righteous and pronouncing punishment on her in a silly ritual that very much resembles religion.

Alan Stewart Fraser: She has a simple choice: if you don’t like it, leave.

Larkworthy Antfarm: She always does. And who do we remember? The person whose show she disrupted of course.

Larkworthy Antfarm: How much fun it was to watch the silly reactions of grown adults on multiple computers across the world. Come on. That’s not a small accomplishment on her part.

Then from high above Edward hanging still upside down screams:

Edward Folger: btw my first response was a joke – Yo ImFine is SaveMe Oh upside down. Not knowing that you were Silas, Alan, I thought you were being ironic as well. I hope you find a more rigidly regulated environment for your performances in the future.

Alan Stewart Fraser: What a hoax. She’s in service to art and artists benefit when she trashes them? In fact she is a flaming hypocrite and seeks only to publicise herself when she stages her little protests and disrupts an act. However, if anyone protests her mindless

A clown shows up riding her donkey, they both fart loud and she says:

Cat Shilova: If the protests are so little, why bother?

Alan Stewart Fraser: She threw out a public insult and I responded. From that there has been nothing but self-righteous indignation from the cheesy little hypocrite. She will never be any more than a flyspeck on Andy Kaufman’s ass.

Then the donkey starts to talk:

Donkey Bob Johnson: SaveMe is laughing her ass off now hearing this thread…and i don’t mean it in a ‘good way’.

Cat Shilova: We have here a serious case of Morningtonism. Not sure it can be cured.

Donkey Bob Johnson: Nah. just let it run its course.

SaveMe Oh:  Many people say my ass is the most beautiful part of my body, so I never laugh it off.

Donkey Bob Johnson: Define ‘people’.

Alan Stewart Fraser: Such victims. This gets funnier by the moment.

Donkey Bob Johnson: Define ‘gets’.

Donkey Bob Johnson: Is very susceptible to pointless absurdity in direct proportion to the amount of sleep deprivation she’s experiencing. just sayin’…

Alan Stewart Fraser: SaveMe, You said you would commit suicide as a result of it. Promises, promises.

SaveMe Oh:  If you were following the real artists you would know I commited more or less weekly a suicide.

Alan Stewart Fraser: I don’t follow anyone. I’ll leave that to you and your chipmunks.

Then a complete surprised visitor enters the circus and screams to SaveMe:

Aneli Abeyante: Only you,surréaliste

4 thoughts on “Waiting For The Jehovah’s Witness

  1. Does my donkey talks with a chipmunk voice? I did not even know the poor animal could emit any word!
    And btw, the so called Mornington syndrom, or (acute) Morningtonite is cured (and sometimes worsened) by watching this :

  2. You left out my poem, now my plastic boat will sink, since you are the too blue sea denying me!
    ( Wow it rhyming again, well almost ..)

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