How Pyewacket Kazyanenko Made SaveMe Pay Badly

As I was so nasty and mean lately to take the freedom to upgrade some boring “art” on Coppelia the head of poor little Pyewacket Kazyanenko was steaming from anger. How did the awful SaveMe Oh dare to disturb this enclave of some of the most great (and soon worldwide famous) artists. Did she have no manners? Couldn’t she see here was history in the making, the breathtaking and incredible new development in the international virtual artworld? Did she have to go there again like always to add her sad contributions to these masterpieces?

Once little Pye thought it was funny, especially when it was done to others she also didn’t like. SaveMe was her secret sister in war.

SaveMe strip

But now it went too far, what that awful SaveMe was thinking? With a firm ban little Pye made sure nor SaveMe, nor any other SaveMe alt could enter Coppelia anymore.

And then a little devil in her head said to her: “you remember you were artist in residence in HUMLAB not so long ago?” “And do you remember you have still building rights there, like SaveMe has now as the current artist in residence?”

Little Pye was glowing from excitement. What if she would cover up all of SaveMe’s buildings? Quickly she had a look in all her recent artworks and took out a nice pink kitten. That would do great on a huge cube. And she start glueing one prim on another until all SaveMe’s work was covered. And then she just waited until mean SaveMe appeared. When she saw SaveMe there sitting crying for hours her eyes out little Pye went back to her friends in Coppelia and told them proud: I made SaveMe cry. And they all laughed and laughed for hours while opening one bottle of Fanta after another.

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