From Bladder Problems To Ban

As I myself refuse to go to hippie colonies anymore after being traumatised long ago by skydancing hippies as Medora Chevalier en Josina Burgess I decided to send my daddy to Artemis. He just recovered from a bladder operation as he was holding too much water in his body. (That’s why he looks like a hot air balloon).But just being an OH gets him banned very quickly. He didn’t even get a chance to fuck a mermaid (his biggest hobby after fishing). Although for the stitches in his wound it’s a blessing.



Cupido Oh: Please don’t talk about water, I have bladder problems

Danger: haha Cupido

Noke Yuitza: dance, float, dream…. let the rhythm go into you

Luz azul Tir prueba 1: We are water, we are soul, we are sound… Welcome to Niska’s World, a musical art performance by Morlita Quan & Noke Yuitza

Cupido Oh: My daughter told me this is a Spanish hippie colony

Cupido Oh: but it’s more a torture centre for people with bladder problems

Cupido Oh: Is there a toilet available?

Cupido Oh: I hate to pee in the water

Kikas Babenco: I never went to a Spanish hippie colony!

Cupido Oh: You are in one now, my dear girl

Marmaduke Arado: better than Portuguese hippie colonies I’m sure

Cupido Oh: The landlady is warning me: [14:36] Duna Gant: or change the discourse

or go

Glasz DeCuir: the rotten rat has arrived…

Duna Gant: yes Cupido

Cupido Oh: She already banned half our family

Cupido Oh: I don’t know why

Cupido Oh: Now people with bladder problems are a problem too?

Cupido Oh: Wait till you all get older yourself and start to have problems keeping up your pee

Noke Yuitza: EVOL.UTION

Cupido Oh: especially in water environments

Glasz DeCuir: :))))

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

3 thoughts on “From Bladder Problems To Ban

  1. My best wishes for a quick and complete bladder recovery for Cupido. I hope, too, that the stitches hold during the ejection.
    Where can we send him flowers and oranges?

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