Betty Had To Call The Neighbour

When the biggest fake artist of SL Betty Tureaud had once more a pseudo event in her LEA sim where you would hope all the disgusting colours would be finally sucked in her black hole, she found it necessary again to PREBAN me as the autopilot pianist Ultralight Alter couldn’t concentrate on pushing the right buttons of her keyboard pre-sets. And so Betty Omo didn’t hesitate and pressed smiling the ban button once more. The only option I had was to occupy the next door sim and attach some mega prims so I was not completely unnoticed.


First I get some warnings from Granny Machinima.

Chantal Harvey: Cheesus, stop it for once, it is becoming so boring.

SaveMe Oh: Tell that to the bitch who ban me all the time. But I hope you can still make one of your fine little movies.

And then Betty send me her Dutch neighbour Marx Catteneo. Here is a translation of his efforts.

Marx Catteneo: Hi there, you are busy with mega prims in my sim?

SaveMe Oh: What’s your sim?

Marx Catteneo: LEA18

SaveMe Oh: Are you there now?

Marx Catteneo: I am in the sim of Betty.

SaveMe Oh: Do you want to become such a dictator as your neighbour Betty?

Marx Catteneo: Maybe you should just behave yourself a little bit like normal people do in my sim.

SaveMe Oh: There is nobody in your sim so now you volunteer to be Betty’s doormat? Did she give you a little assignment?

SaveMe Oh: When people are bothered by me you can always explain to them how they can mute or derender.

Marx Catteneo: I am not in a fight with one of you two but this is very childish.

SaveMe Oh: Betty is childish for years now by banning me all the time.

Marx Catteneo: You just love to wear a digital “kick me sign”.

Marx Catteneo: When nobody would ban you, you wouldn’t have any fun 😉

SaveMe Oh: Bullshit

SaveMe Oh: It’s not something I desperately want.

SaveMe Oh: Now that would be so childish.

Marx Catteneo: You are not waiting to be banned? You want to tell me you never provoke it?

SaveMe Oh: Never, what would be the fun in that?

Marx Catteneo: I have no idea.

SaveMe Oh: Me neither.

Marx Catteneo: I never ban people but I think you can’t abuse the hospitality of my sim.

SaveMe Oh: I think so too but have to make a choice between two bad options. That doesn’t have anything to do with you. But unfortunately for you, your sim is the closest to Betty.

Marx Catteneo: You are using my sim in the battle.

SaveMe Oh: and there is hardly anyone there.

SaveMe Oh: so much trouble I do not cause in your sim.

SaveMe Oh: I just use it briefly.

Marx Catteneo: But you “grief” from there on purpose. I have nothing to do with your fight and the people here just want to enjoy the concert

SaveMe Oh: I do it on purpose because I am pissed off the bitch can throw me out when she wants.

Marx Catteneo: When you won’t stop I will have to stop you, the choice is yours.

SaveMe Oh: No, the choice is yours, if you also want to join forces with the self acclaimed secret police who takes away people’s freedom. If you want to play boss too there is nothing I can do about it.

Marx Catteneo: The freedom to fuck up someone’s concert? For me it’s not about being the boss. You are abusing my sim and that is not acceptable. And you do it on purpose.

SaveMe Oh: Yesterday I could enter this sim, but because Ultralight is playing I am locked out now. That I think is not acceptable.

Marx Catteneo: You cannot say this has nothing to do with your behaviour before.

SaveMe Oh: I have just a few options to let them hear my protest and that right I use. When you don’t allow it, also grab your powertools.

Marx Catteneo: You are just waiting to add me on your list of dictators.

SaveMe Oh: That’s all up to you, when you take freedom serious you let me. It’s up to you how you use your power as a sim owner.

Marx Catteneo: It’s just childish.

SaveMe Oh: It is, I am also fed up extremely.

Marx Catteneo: You are asking for this.

SaveMe Oh: When you fight for freedom you ask for this, yes, I am aware of that as that is where it’s all about.

Marx Catteneo: It’s not my fight. I have better ways to use my energy.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t say it has to be your battle. So ban me and get rid of me. Then you can proudly tell it to your darling neighbour Betty.

Marx Catteneo: No, thats what you want so you can add another enemy.

SaveMe Oh: You think I am looking for enemy’s, that’s not true.

Marx Catteneo: If you are not searching for hem it is strange you found so much.

SaveMe Oh: Not so much, just a bunch of B-artists.

Marx Catteneo: Well, I wish you a lot of fun alone and when we can discuss another time real issues we should do so.

SaveMe Oh: We will.

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