Dear Sis

Dear Sis,

Just when my artistic development has come to a complete standstill you start to skyrocket high as one of the most famous international artists in Canada. Your image is all around and the festivals here are fighting eachother to get a piece of your work. (Not to speak about the fuckers at FILE 2013 Sao Paulo in Brazil, who screen even 2 off your shit pieces)

Just when I was busy to figure out why a unicorn would punch a hole in the wings of a flying sheep and what old trauma’s that would trigger I got the news that your movie Rose +  SaveMe was selected for the Queer Arcade in Toronto.

Toronto…MY HOME TOWN!!!! All my friends will be going there to see at 27 or 28 July, and nobody wants to help me to fit in 100 cogwheels in a mouse with a rabbit face to make it move its lips saying “mama”.

Last week I had another shock when I found out that the awful fake Canadian Edward Folger used all his dirty tricks to get his movies that are all starring YOU in the Arboretum festival.




Where the real Canadian artists have to struggle to survive this big fake gets a stage to show you and your awful attachments on 17 august in Waller Park in Ottawa.

There is still a great anger inside myself who wants to wipe you off the face of the earth for ever but I decide to be clever and listen to the words of our daddy Cupido who told me to kiss up with you.

So dear SaveMe, when you set foot on Canadian soil, you are welcome to stay at my place and eat my food (rabbit, sheep, whatever you prefer). If you are interested I can teach you how to paint a sheep or even fly in Patrick Moya if you prefer the way he paints a sheep. In return I would like you teach me how to make conceptual art as I have to admit that my perception of sheep changed completely after seeing your movie Play In Me where I realised I was the sheep in the audience.

And although I still hate you from the bottom of my heart I have to admit I am the bottom and you are the art.

Your loving sister Bryn

PS: If you want I can show you the Niagara Falls near Toronto to inspire you for a next set of impressive attachments.

3 thoughts on “Dear Sis

  1. Why do I doubt the authenticity of this post? By the way you forgot to mention that SaveMe will appear at the salon des refusés of the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September, the fake non-queer Canadianness of Edward Folger and the electrifying presence of Saveria Melissa Oh making the work too controversial for the mainstream in the capital city.

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