Cleaning Out Your Inventory Has Become Art

More and more you see the art scene of SL running out of ideas. Everywhere you see rebuilding of the same and more of the same or you see artists like Gracie Kendal who can’t come up with anything else then cleaning out their inventory and lick the asses of the LEA Dictatorship to get a sim for it to do so, so they can stay in a permanent occupation of LEA space like Cica Ghost and Eupalinos Ugajin also do. Now luckily Eupa uses it, as well as Vaneeesa Bylock, as a trick to allow others who don’t come up with a ridiculous LEA Grant plan to use the space for good interaction events but so not Narcissus Gracie Kendal.

Now when Ervare Farroretre and I took the freedom to use the empty space to come up with something really interactive Misses Housekeeper came immediately to clean us out.


Gracie Kendal: Hiya

Gracie Kendal: Oops I forgot to turn off object entry and build 😛

Gracie Kendal: Can you guys remove the signs please? 😛

Gracie Kendal: ㋡

Ervare Farroretre: no deal for me as wait for hours now, but will you grant me to stay?

Gracie Kendal: Of course you can stay ㋡

Art Blue: Same for me. Promise?

Gracie Kendal: LOL well it depends on what you do

Art Blue: hm …. I think I can quote you already

Gracie Kendal: LOL

Gracie Kendal: Just an fyi I am returning anything that isn’t mine ㋡

Ervare Farroretre: ((you may return my stuff as I don’t find it so easy))

SaveMe Oh: I am returning you if you don’t watch out

SaveMe Oh: In that case we have to take other measures

SaveMe Oh: it’s clear again we are dealing with an egocentric artist who wants all the canvas for herself

SaveMe Oh: because she kissed some LEA asses

SaveMe Oh: Now what you think will interest people more, our interaction or you clearing out your shit?

Ervare Farroretre: for me Gracie is a cloud

Gracie Kendal: You know, SaveMe you don’t know anything about me. Not every artist is egocentric or kisses peoples asses. Quit being a troll.

SaveMe Oh: then you are lucky

Ervare Farroretre: she might have too much in her hands


You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Teleport completed from LEA16 (1,1,67)

14 thoughts on “Cleaning Out Your Inventory Has Become Art

  1. You know what? I don’t require Art Police to tell me what I can or cannot enjoy in Second Life. There’s a bazillionty sims producing creativity and art. I’ll like what I like, regardless of your approval. I find it interesting that you focus on what you don’t like, when a mere click of the Teleporter could take you somewhere else. You must have infinite time to waste on setting your magnifying glass on Stuff You Hate. I dare you to find a sim that truly gives you joy, and to blog about it. Gracie does what she feels. Maybe I don’t agree with it – or maybe I do. Either way, It’s not your approval I need.

    • Read the boring blogs of Quan Lavender, Ampel Goosson or Ziki Quest if you want to feel good. And you are totaly free to stand as long as you want in Gracie’s garbage. I am very pleased she banned me quickly so I don’t have to be a witness of her pathetic suicide. As if she has so much great stuff that we must be sad she deletes it. I am happy she does, but she could also do it in half an hour. That would be better.

  2. SaveMe has on opinion, that is the point to me. When I read that Gracie Kendal was going to, “Binge Purge” her inventory and money as an act of cleansing made me want to vomit, but not in solidarity. I too find this extremely narcissistic in that we are supposed to feel empathy about it all. I am not a psychophant for SaveMe, but over the years she has enlightened me. I am still a sinner.

      • I know you care SaveMe, maybe I will come back someday care again. I guess what strikes me about what Gracie is doing is like a slow bleed, why not just delete it all as fast as you can and as far as the money is concerned give it away to charity or a random noobie. Perhaps a quick purge will clear her mind to make some art in the time remaining on the sim.

  3. And if she was clearing out her “art” for people to see it a last time, but no, the snob spend hours giggling about colored balloons, prefab houses, unopend lingerie boxes and jetski’s she has and drops it in a sim. Maybe going on for the whole month. Now if she would throw away her real life stuff and money on Sunset Boulevard it would be something, but this is so cheap. And we can be very sure she already send copy’s to her alt so she can repeat it next year in an attempt to occupy a LEA sim forever.

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