I Haven’t Had Sex In Seven Years

As everybody seems in an urge to prove to facebook that they really exist I decided also to let it be no longer a secret who I am. As announced 2 weeks ago on facebook I am not Dutch, nor Japanese but I am the Chinese performance artist Chun Hua Catherine Dong who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. The few people who studied my work a little bit better already knew as I throw around an overwhelming load of evidence around in the past few years.

And indeed when you study well the works on my RL webpage the evidence is overwhelming.

The “Dutch” bicycle:





The Asian elements:



Also a Pravda army needs a leader


The disturbance of the work of other artists, the meaning of “husband” and posing as artwork:




David from SaveMe 1

Also the sharing of identity is so evident that you must be a donkey to miss that fact.



Double Oh

Β http://chunhuacatherinedong.wordpress.com/

Β Now I have revealed my real identity an old friend found me when I was performing in Madpea Sim until I was banned and ejected. For her privacy I changed her name as she wants to keep SL and RL still separated. (she is of the oldfashioned kind).

Cleopatra: Chun Hua?? It’s Audrey.Β  Is this you?

SaveMe Oh: yes

Cleopatra: cool πŸ™‚ Let’s meet. What are you doing?

SaveMe Oh: I am performing. Let me TP you.

SaveMe Oh: Hi Audrey, what a surprise

Cleopatra: What’s your performance? Interestting effects. You’re griefing i think πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: I stand here in a remade reality showing that its possible to disturb that image

Cleopatra: that’s cool

Cleopatra: how long are you going to be here?

SaveMe Oh: I am already standing here for 1 hour

Cleopatra: They usually try to kick people like this out…have they tried that with you?

SaveMe Oh: They kick me out all the time, thats the challenge

Cleopatra: Do you have others?

SaveMe Oh: A lot

Cleopatra: good girl πŸ˜‰

SaveMe Oh: So how long you have been in SL?

Cleopatra: I started 2 summers ago

Cleopatra: I used to live on a beach and i dated a guy who looked like that guy i liked remember?

SaveMe Oh: Haha, yes, and was it the same?

Cleopatra: It was heartbreaking…great sex, but he didn’t want commitment.

SaveMe Oh: As always.

Cleopatra: He’s partnered with others…just not with me. I might not be good enough. It just didn’t work.

Cleopatra: How did you make this?

SaveMe Oh: Just glue prims together and script them.

Cleopatra: How did you learn?

SaveMe Oh: Just slowly, by trying out and build a lot, and collect scripts.

SaveMe Oh: Now I do these things in 1 minute

SaveMe Oh: How you knew I was in SL?

Cleopatra: Facebook

SaveMe Oh: haha

Cleopatra: Your video

SaveMe Oh: yes

Cleopatra: Are you coming back to Vancouver any time soon?

SaveMe Oh: No, im very busy in Montreal, and have to perform in Germany soon

Cleopatra: That’s great πŸ™‚ Are you happy?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, although I miss Vancouver a lot.

Cleopatra: I’m sure you’ll come back someday πŸ˜‰

Cleopatra: are you single now then?

SaveMe Oh: I am married

Cleopatra: Oh…how did that happen?

SaveMe Oh: My husband also works in the same University. He is in robotics. And we just have a new appartment

Cleopatra: You’re in love?

Cleopatra: Is he romantic….better?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse I am in love. Or you think I marry for fun?

Cleopatra: That’s beautiful Chun Hua πŸ™‚

Cleopatra: I’m happy for you, that’s great πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: And what about you?

Cleopatra: Well, I’m looking for a partner…and in the meantime a sex partner…I’ve been talking to some guys…and i like one, but I’m not sure. but I”m tired of no sex

SaveMe Oh: I am not going to borrow you my husband

Cleopatra: LOL πŸ˜‰

Cleopatra: I’m talking to this guy ..his name is Andy..

Cleopatra: I like him, but he doesn’t want to wait to have sex, he just wants to come over and have sex immediately. We’ve been chatting

SaveMe Oh: in FB? where?

Cleopatra: I met him on Adult Friend finder

SaveMe Oh: Are you that desperate?

Cleopatra: Yes. I haven’tΒ  had sex in 7 yrs.

SaveMe Oh: Then just do it with him and see

Cleopatra: I’m scared

SaveMe Oh: for what?

Cleopatra: STD’s. He says he’s clean, but how can you know for sure

Cleopatra: he’s bi….what if i get HIV?

SaveMe Oh: Then you die one day. So?

Cleopatra: LOL. I love you Chun Hua! I miss you!

Cleopatra: I miss our talks…you understand life and all the bullshit πŸ˜‰

SaveMe Oh: Bullshit is an endless inspiration

Cleopatra: hehehe …yes

Cleopatra: Do you like my pussy? ;P

SaveMe Oh: As long it doesnt have a pussy riot

Cleopatra: I’m posting a pic of us on my profile

SaveMe Oh: Great, dont forget to tag me in

Cleopatra: How do you do that here?

SaveMe Oh: on FB I mean

Cleopatra: Oh…i don’t mix the two πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: ah, I thought your FB profile

Cleopatra: I keep Cleopatra separate to my fb real life stuff. I used to have sex here sometimes. And i didn’t want anyone to know who i was.

SaveMe Oh: I will keep it a secret

Cleopatra: Thank you Chun Hua πŸ˜‰

Cleopatra: I talked to a woman here who was a stripper and an escort ..and she made enough in SL to pay rl bills

SaveMe Oh: I might also have to count the money I have made here

Cleopatra: πŸ™‚

Cleopatra: it’s easy

Cleopatra: are you going to do another performance?

SaveMe Oh: in SL or RL?

Cleopatra: SL

SaveMe Oh: I always do, whenever I am online, otherwise I dont want to be here.

SaveMe Oh: I only build and perform here.

Cleopatra: Well you sound busy…I’ll let you go πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: Nice to see you again

Cleopatra: u2 πŸ™‚

Cleopatra: bye πŸ™‚

SaveMe Oh: xxx

14 thoughts on “I Haven’t Had Sex In Seven Years

  1. Oh my, for once a pleasant conversation, Ms Oh, how original, πŸ™‚

    Let me ask you though, can I borrow your husband? I mean it would not be the same thing as you lening him to another woman, right? So thats why I dare ask, it’s not the same if you let him do me, right?

    Waiting anxiously for your response!
    *Secret Admirer*

  2. Hello SaveMe, I enjoyed your RL performances you have shared through your link in FB. Thank you. I never really doubted that you are real.

  3. you are …. married! And all this time you made us believe you were not .. and … omg, poor Rose. Her expectations falling into piΓ¨ces. And the poor bridesmaids… omg omg omg…
    And married to a man. Shameful, indeed.

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