The Day The Anti Solo Mornington March Changed The Canadian Art scène

SaveMe’s holidays part 3

When I had this year my holidays in Canada, one thing was clear. A country worldwide artistically only known for having grown Celine Dion in a maple leaf need a change. So I went on a road trip to set a new standard of art in cities and remote villages. First I targeted on Dalhousie, New Brunswick as I assumed the events there would be as dull as dull could be and it would be far away enough from my sister Bryn Oh’s sheep ashram in Toronto. When I arrived there I found out they had the yearly Bon Ami event planned but as I have no bon ami’s I decided to take over the march. Luckily I found my friends Ed Vespucciano, Ampel Goosson, Kikas Babenco and Luce Laval brave enough to join me in the bold event that shook Dalhousie in it’s veins. We all dressed up as the old fart Solo Mornington, who already for decades is the dictator of the virtual art world. As a metaphor for the non development of arts in the world and Canada in particular his image was the best thing we could grab and so we parade through central Dalhousie. The people in the streets didn’t seem to get it yet but when they will see the light in 10 years it isn’t a waste of time at all as the process of change is slow.

Anti Solo Mornington March

After this I went off to Quebec, centre of the Christian extremist movement of Canada in order to show the guys in woman clothes there that the only way to salvation is some pure and good drama. And that it takes more than playing year after year the same box-office chartbuster story about a guy hanging on a cross. Occupying their great and numerous theatres with always the same afterparties with wine and bread. Now I know that it is difficult to quit a success story that makes you rich while you are asleep as it is also impossible for Betty Omo to do ever something else then throw some bright colors in a sphere. But now it is time for the Canadian art world to change, as they already have the costumes ánd the theatres. And, last but not least…SaveMe Oh around.

Holy drama

That art is not clear upon first sight and that I have myself hardly ever an idea what I am doing was leading me to the next performance in Quebec where I asked the guy who hates me most and who is the most unsatisfied with my coming out as Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Tyrehl Byk to kill me once more as he is already trying to kill me for a long time. He was more than pleased to take up a bow and shoot some arrows right through my gorgeous body.

May I help you

The Canadian art world could for the moment not react in any other way then how  they always do, appear as a walking question mark.

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