Catwalk To Disaster


SaveMe’s holidays part 4

A few years ago my alleged friend Zet Avril tricked me into one of the nastiest holidays I had since long. Her attempts with catpics as decoy made her succeed to get me so outraged that I accepted the invitation to attend a Catwalk in central Lima, Peru. And ofcourse I came prepared to take over as soon as possible this event, with large attachments to disturb these kind of gatherings for once and for all. But suddenly I realised I was in the middle of a coup d’état of the right wing military who want to regulate the use of Facebook by allowing only the posting of cat pics, and nothing else then that.



The fierce protest of several of my sisters, who endangered their own freedom by just showing up with large Save Me, Save You protest signs could not prevent me from being arrested, muted, derendered, banned and ejected from Peru.

So I urge everybody to be careful when it comes to catpics as they are nothing else then an attempt from countries, led by to power addicted politicians, to making us sentimental, weak and forceless so they can go on undisturbed with their manipulations, secrets and big brother activities. Be aware that when Edward Snowden and Julian Assange start to show up as photoshopped cats the united intelligence services have won.

SaveMe SaveYou

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