No Need For United Nations When We Can Unite Ourselves

SaveMe’s holidays part 5

When wannabe artists of Secondlife can’t resist any longer and decide it is time to take the step from virtual life into real life it is disturbing to see how little remains from their once ambitious plans. Where they polluted in Secondlife complete sims with their creative prim glue-ing, in their real life you can find them exhibiting some small watercolours which should show some cat resembling life forms or a Picasso’s Guernica replica made out of ice-cream sticks. All exhibited in the garage of their aunt who decided to start an art gallery after her kids all left home.

For me it is the opposite, I am always glad I can close the door of my real life quick as it is far too exiting. Certainly not healthy for longer than a few weeks. A year ago for example they kept me in a German mental hospital for months only because I was upgrading their sad daily lives by bringing some colour and unity, long before Betty Omo started to copy me in secondlife.

Brandenburger tor

Here is the article from the Berliner Morgenpost about that holiday that turned out real bad until my lawyer Bock McMillan helped me escape by dressing me up like a Swedish moose, telling the German guards that what they think they were seeing couldn’t be. The German guards looked at eachother and agreed it couldn’t be and let us go before they could have second thoughts (if Germans already ever have second thoughts).

After paint in all colours of the rainbow was found on the Brandenburger Tor, The Gedächtniskirche, and at Checkpoint Charlie: Berlin police announced the arrest of a young woman Monday afternoon in a pouring of paint on the German Reichstag, according a police spokeswoman. Paint was also found splashed on a Karl Marx statue, and on Friday, on the Holocaust Memorial.


The woman arrested in connection with spattering city landmarks with paint last month has been moved from police headquarters to a psychiatric ward, her attorney said Thursday during a hearing in a Berlin Court.

Judge Andrea Baader Jr. ordered another hearing Sept. 18, for 28-year-old SaveMe Oh, who is charged with one count of defacing property. She was earlier arrested December 29 at the Atatürk mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey, shortly after authorities discovered paint on the minarets of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul too.


German and Turkish authorities have said Oh, who they believe is homeless as the address Two Fish she gave as her home address couldn’t be found, is a suspect in the worldwide vandalism in which paint was used to mark numerous world heritage sites. A judge earlier this month ordered SaveMe Oh freed from custody and into the psychiatric ward. At Thursday’s status hearing, SaveMe’s attorney, Bock McMillan from the Public Defender Service, told that doctors who had evaluated her client on Wednesday grew concerned about her mental state.

SaveMe Oh was moved to the psychiatric ward at Mengele Krankenhaus, McMillan said. SaveMe, who appeared in a previous court appearance with a Mandarin interpreter, was not in court Thursday.

10 thoughts on “No Need For United Nations When We Can Unite Ourselves

  1. Why do you need to compare yourself to others? Why do you criticize new, timid, unskilled or less visionary artists? Everyone is entitled to attempt expressing themselves. Why not encourage others by example! Be a beacon and lead the way to a higher level of art.

  2. The way you and the attorney managed to escape the german guards is a real display in artistic skill!
    Too bad some are blind for attached mooses walking out of asylums…
    Bock, by the way, probably looks very elegant as attachment.

  3. Hi SaveMeOh, I am working on a project for the CerModern museum in Ankara. The idea is to put together a show that blends digital and physical realities. I like what you did with the Atatürk mausuleum here and could really see this sort of ‘performance’ in the show. Please get back to me if you are interested! Ta, S.

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