Touristguides Take Over LEA

In their despair to fill up their LEA sims with as less work as possible Solo Mornington and his rat pack now went for the big money. Instead of handing over the plots to poor artists dreaming of eternal fame they decide it was time to be paid for all their hard work and they agreed in secret upon a commercial deal. First signs of this deal can now be seen in LEA 19 where the Portuguese Tourist industry bought a plot to show us the delights of this south European country.


Thrown in a fake Portuguese landscape are extremely poor replicas of what should be the highlights of this country and we are welcomed by a voice who tells us that we should not hesitate to catch an airplane and wow the wonders of the Portuguese basket industry, the incredible wines and the bright orange of their oranges.


Now I am myself a frequent visitor of this beautiful country but why an art sim is now sold to these promoters? Can’t they buy a sim themselves?

Now don’t they have anything artsy to keep up the illusion they are into art??? Yes they have, they dress up some idiot avatars in an attempt to make them look like Portuguese stars, play somewhere at home a live CD of this star and make us believe we are at their concert.

I call up the Scottish tourist board, the tourist board of Belarus and the tourist board of the Galapagos Islands to apply also for a LEA sim and shuffle some big money in the pocket of Solo Mornington. That will do the trick.

And just as before the revolution in 1974 in Portugal, banning is reintroduced as an effective way to deal with any opposition.


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