Linden Lab Is The Fence Of Stolen Goods

A lot of people are outraged about the latest change in TOS where Linden Lab tells us they own everything we do in secondlife, but now what we do in secondlife is mainly searching a hiding place for goods we stole from the internet. Everybody hunts there for textures, musicfiles of photographs to upload to SL and dump it in a prim and call it art or a building.

Only some desperate wannabe artists take the time to aquarelle themselves something on linen and upload it. Now when your only way to become a known artist is to upload your aquarelle to a virtual world you are already a lost case and it gives me great pleasure that Linden Lab is now the new owner of your bullshit.


SaveMe Oh stealing from Edward Hopper

For all the other stuff the Linden think they own from now on, I call upon the lawyers to sue them for criminal activities as they are dealing in stolen goods.


SaveMe Oh stealing from IKEA

Another definition for Linden Lab is FENCE.

A fence is an individual who knowingly buys stolen property for later resale, sometimes in a legitimate market. The fence thus acts as a middleman between thieves and the eventual buyers of stolen goods who may not be aware that the goods are stolen. As a verb, the word describes the behavior of the thief in the transaction: The burglar fenced the stolen avatar. This sense of the term came from thieves’ slang, first attested c. 1700, from the notion of such transactions taking place under defence of secrecy.

The fence is able to make a profit with stolen merchandise because he is able to pay thieves a very low price for stolen goods. The fence then disguises the stolen nature of the goods, if possible, so that he or she can sell them closer to the white market price. In the 2000s, newer “fencing operations hide from sight in legitimate businesses and show discipline and precision in their dealings”. Fencing is illegal in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but the “legal requirements for demonstrating that fencing has occurred are complex”.

Breaking News 3

SaveMe Oh stealing from CNN

Now do the Linden own SaveMe Oh? No, as every inch of my gorgeous ass is created by me and every Linden CEO who tried to touch it (Philip, M. Linden) are now fired and wiped out. Why? Because SaveMe Oh is owned by my mind and doesn’t depend on Secondlife, Facebook or Twitter and my mind is so much faster than them. It’s faster than quicksilver and already in the next galaxy when they are still inventing facebookbuttons.

An artist who is catch by commerce, society or regulations is no artist.


SaveMe Oh stealing from Berlin 1920

4 thoughts on “Linden Lab Is The Fence Of Stolen Goods

  1. in the ArtHabitat of Asmita Duranjaya. Enjoy the immersive habitat, which is textured with aquarell-pictures completely. Asmita’s watercolor pictures are pure RL paintings and digitally processed RL paintings. Enjoy the airy atmosphere and the interactive animals.

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