Own Me Save Me

Buy a SaveMe before Linden Lab sells her!

Own me SaveMe

To prevent Linden Lab from selling out all the masterpieces of SaveMe Oh she will sell out her work herself before it is too late. If you ever wanted to own a SaveMe here is your chance to do so. How does it work?

SaveMe will appear on secret selling spots (as some of the works may not be totally legal) where you can pic the work of your choice and negotiate with her a reasonable price. It is also possible to TP her quick to your secret spot for some quick deals.

If you and SaveMe reach an agreement you are the happy owner of a SaveMe before the Linden clear out her inventory for free.

Don’t wait forever because SaveMe Oh is not responsible if you miss the deal of the century.

Keep an eye on FB or inworld notices to be on the right moment on the right spot.

After you have purchased a collector’s item SaveMe Oh suggest to change the title of the work so that the Linden will get one day completely crazy discovering everytime the same work with a different title. It means they have to open every pic one by one.

Fuck a Linden, own a SaveMe.

Rooms by the sea not for sale

2 thoughts on “Own Me Save Me

  1. Own Me Save Me
    First customer.

    [13:44] Sina Souza: i like this one
    [13:44] SaveMe Oh: well you can be one of the next owners
    [13:44] SaveMe Oh: before the Linden rob us
    [13:45] Sina Souza: you have certain prices?
    [13:45] SaveMe Oh: not at all
    [13:45] SaveMe Oh: we negociate
    [13:45] SaveMe Oh: what would you like to pay?
    [13:45] Sina Souza: 600
    [13:46] SaveMe Oh: And then you still have enough to buy food tomorrow?
    [13:46] Sina Souza: sure
    [13:46] SaveMe Oh: ok sold
    [13:46] SaveMe Oh: I send you the jpg
    [13:46] Sina Souza: thanks
    [13:46] SaveMe Oh: one sec
    [13:47] Select residents to share with.
    [13:47] Items successfully shared.
    [13:47] Sina Souza: thank you saveme

  2. Own Me Save Me
    Second customer.

    [13:50] Sinalein: this one
    [13:50] Sinalein: how much?
    [13:52] SaveMe Oh: I have to zoom in on you, wait
    [13:52] Sinalein: ok
    [13:52] SaveMe Oh: whatever you like to give
    [13:52] Sinalein: that is pretty cool
    [13:52] Sina Souza (sinalein) paid you L$1000.
    [13:53] Inventory item offered
    [13:53] Sina Souza (sinalein) received your inventory offer.
    [13:54] Sinalein: thanks, i love this one
    [13:54] SaveMe Oh: I love that you love it

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