SaveMe Oh Shakes The Linden 3

Own me SaveMe

After the big sharks were offered the first buying option earlier this week SaveMe Oh went now to the poorer regions of the globe to offer also there the people an option to own her before the Linden will effectuate their exclusive rights on her. In the deserted Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5 (probably Troika owned) the museum opened tonight while Kikas & Marma encouraged the poorer people to get rid of their Linden and own SaveMe instead.

Own Me Save Me

23th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and buy a Save Me

ChukieNorriz: SaveMe what is this

SaveMe Oh: You better buy a Save Me before everything is stolen by the Linden

ChukieNorriz: What is Linden stealing?!?

SaveMe Oh: Everything we have here so better be quick instead of bored

ChukieNorriz: are you really selling this “Art”?

ChukieNorriz: I’ll take the one that looks like a tapestry, with thorns and tears

ChukieNorriz: that’s how I feel. Like crying jesus

SaveMe Oh: ah the Veil

ChukieNorriz: what is the cost

SaveMe Oh: what you want to pay, otherwise the Linden steal it

ChukieNorriz: 79

SaveMe Oh: perfect

ChukieNorriz: yes

SaveMe Oh: pay me and I give you the painting

ChukieNorriz: are you sure you will give it

SaveMe Oh: yes

ChukieNorriz paid you L$79.

SaveMe Oh: you want  me to give it first?

ChukieNorriz: I paid it

ChukieNorriz: Thank you

SaveMe Oh: You and the Linden now own me

ChukieNorriz: good.

ChukieNorriz: let’s go

ChukieNorriz: I wont ask you to scrub the floor

ChukieNorriz: or any of those thigns

ChukieNorriz: can I have a sheep

ChukieNorriz: I think you sent something once, a flock of sheep to wear but I cant find it

Chukie Norriz bought The veil of St. SaveMe. Painted by El Greco, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Chukie Norriz on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

The veil of St. Veronica

Own Me Save Me

24th customer.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and Own a Save Me

Pixié De La Rain: tutsy Navarathna asked me to come and buy a pic for him, SaveMe.

Pixié De La Rain: He is sorry he can’t come himself, but timezones are too far apart

SaveMe Oh: It will be a pleasure, but he careful the Linden dont grab the painting on the way to Pondicherry

Pixié De La Rain: lol yes. I’ll look after it for him until tomorrow and give it to him directly then

SaveMe Oh: Guard it with your life

SaveMe Oh: And you know his taste? Or does he loves everything with me on it?

Spunky Puddlegum: Tutsy loves pictures of kittens, doesn’t he Pixie?

SaveMe Oh: eeekkkk

Pixié De La Rain: lol yes

Pixié De La Rain: and puppies

SaveMe Oh: what an idiot

SaveMe Oh: the things you are forced to sell to those kind of people

SaveMe Oh: ok there is one woth a puppy

SaveMe Oh: dont tell anybody

Pixié De La Rain: ok, your recommendation?

SaveMe Oh: the one with me on the chair, the dog under and the old Tutsy peeping at my ass

Pixié De La Rain: I’ll take it!

Pixié De La Rain: that is Ls 500 from tutsy

Pixié De La Rain: perfect, thank you

Pixié De La Rain: puppies, old guy and bare ass….what more could he ask for?

SaveMe Oh: will you thank him, but also urge him to keep it a secret, so the Linden wont know about this deal?

Pixié De La Rain: its a deal

SaveMe Oh: The old man will cry from hapiness

SaveMe Oh: I know, all alone there in India

Pixié De La Rain: lol yeah

Kikas Babenco: Marmaduke don’t buy another Magritte!

SaveMe Oh: There is unfortunatey a new Magritte

Marmaduke Arado: can’t hear you kikas

SaveMe Oh: Fuck a Linden and own a Save Me

Kikas Babenco: are the pigs for sale?

SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: but for friends they are free gifts

Kikas Babenco: oh, so nice!

SaveMe Oh: I dont have a BBQ

SaveMe Oh: sorry

Kikas Babenco: just want them as pets!

Tutsy Navarathna bought Dog in the bedroom. Painted by Jan Steen, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain, ordered by Tutsy Navarathna on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Dog in the bedroom

Own Me Save Me

25th customer.

Pixié De La Rain: could I purchase this one in here too, please? The old guy at the window frame.

SaveMe Oh: the Hopper?

Pixié De La Rain: yes

SaveMe Oh: ok

Pixié De La Rain: can we negotiate the price? Preferably in a downwards direction

SaveMe Oh: pay what you like

Pixié De La Rain: thank you

Pixié De La Rain: great, thanks

SaveMe Oh: The Linden steal it , so I am happy with every linden dollar for what its worth

Spunky Puddlegum: I think the one on the pig, with the cleaver has cured my impotence, Pixie!

SaveMe Oh: miracles are possible

Pixié De La Rain: about time something did

Pixie Rain bought Hotel by a railroad. Painted by Edward Hopper, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Pixie Rain, on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Hotel by a railroad

Own Me Save Me

26th customer.

Indigo Alecto: SaveMe I would like this one please

SaveMe Oh: Let me find you

Indigo Alecto: I am to your west

SaveMe Oh: Ok, The Klimt

SaveMe Oh: did you get it Indigo?

Indigo Alecto: Yes, thanks, the Lindens didn’t get it yet

SaveMe Oh: yes yes

SaveMe Oh: all set

SaveMe Oh: so people, be quicker than a Linden and clean out my inventory

Indigo Alecto paid you L$200.

Indigo Alecto: May I also have American Gothic, The Scream, and the blue one on the same wall as American Gothic?

SaveMe Oh: Yes. How much you like to pay?

Indigo Alecto paid you L$600.

Indigo Alecto: lovely, thank you!

SaveMe Oh: enjoy

Indigo Alecto: Oh one last one, this one here

Indigo Alecto paid you L$200.

SaveMe Oh: The Pierrot?

SaveMe Oh: I should give you a museum to go with it

Indigo Alecto: yes, I’m now a collector

SaveMe Oh: yes, but dont show it to the Linden as they will rob it fromyou

Indigo Alecto: I’ll be sure to ban them all

Indigo Alecto bought Lady with a fan painted by Gustav Klimt, American Gothic painted by Grant Wood, SaveMe’s Scream painted by Edvard Munch, Blue lovers painted by Pablo Picasso and The despair of Pierrot painted by James Ensor, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Indigo Alecto, on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Blue lovers

SaveMe's Scream

Own Me Save Me

27th customer.

Larkworthy Antfarm: So I can buy a whole Save Me Oh art museum? and wear it anywhere I like??

Kandinsky Beaumont: Does the museum stand on its own legs today or is it still a wearable

SaveMe Oh: The whole museum might be too much for a beginner

Marmaduke Arado: lawyers will go crazy

Larkworthy Antfarm: I love this art!

SaveMe Oh: Thats why the Linden want to own it

Larkworthy Antfarm: They will hide it in their secret lairs.

Marmaduke Arado: and laugh maniacally

SaveMe Oh: That why everybody can own me before it is too late

Kandinsky Beaumont: Oh now Marma dragged me too into his criminal business and for once Kikas seems disabled from being the saviour

SaveMe Oh: Kikas also bougth stolen stuff

Kikas Babenco: I too shocked to act!

SaveMe Oh: dont fall for her inocent face

Kandinsky Beaumont: you mean too shocked to art

Marmaduke Arado: it’s not criminal, it’s just under the counter

Kikas Babenco: or as we say in portugal “under the door”

Marmaduke Arado: hehe, we know a few things…

Marmaduke Arado: very useful to deal with the troika

Kikas Babenco: Marma, you are giving things!

Kikas Babenco: you should sell them!!!

SaveMe Oh: giving, omg, there goes my business

SaveMe Oh: what painting you would like Larky?

Larkworthy Antfarm: So many wonderful pieces of art! I think Lindens are going to make much money selling this art on ebay.

SaveMe Oh: so better smuggle one away quick Larky

Kandinsky Beaumont: Thats why we have to save it from their greedy hands

SaveMe Oh: Now choose Larky

Larworthy Antfarm payed SaveMe Oh 2000 Linden

SaveMe Oh: not only pay me

Larkworthy Antfarm: I am not much use as a thief. I have not stolen anything yet

SaveMe Oh: or are you laundrying your money?

Larkworthy Antfarm paid Save Me Oh 2000 Linden but refused to tell in public what painting, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, she wants.Later on Facebook she made this statement:

Larkworthy Antfarm You can tell I want them all! LOL.

Own Me Save Me

28th customer.

SaveMe Oh: I am selling all my stolen stuff before the Linden do

Dagger1 Dagger: It’s been a VERY Long Time. Good too see you. Stolen stuff?

SaveMe Oh: very very long

Dagger1 Dagger: You STEAL?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse. Everything I can. I sell even our secret pics, before the Linden put them in the Playboy or Hustler.

SaveMe Oh: Because the Linden say the own me now in their TOS. So I try to get rid of everything before its too late.

Dagger1 Dagger: So you been a bad girl. I know foolish statement

SaveMe Oh: very

Dagger1 Dagger: What did you do to piss them off THIS time? I took over secondlife from them, thats all

Dagger1 Dagger: Why would that upset them, I didn’t notice any changes

SaveMe Oh: Where have you been? Under your usual stone?

Dagger1 Dagger: If you took over SL and got all that money, Just buy them out

SaveMe Oh: Soon I will

Quan Lavender: are you friend with save, Dagger?

Dagger1 Dagger: Have been for Many Years

SaveMe Oh: Dag was my first husband

Kikas Babenco: we had to take care of SaveMe

Dagger1 Dagger: I met Save my second month in SL

SaveMe Oh: I was to young then. I fell for his charms. He bought me my first dress. I still have it. A blue one

Kandinsky Beaumont: Did she abandon you later or did you leave?

Quan Lavender: great Dagger, those who have her as friend don’t need enemies anymore ^^

Dagger1 Dagger: Mutual parting of the ways

SaveMe Oh: but he was unfaithfull to me

Dagger1 Dagger: She proved a little to caotic for me

SaveMe Oh: pfff

Kandinsky Beaumont: Did he always make this strange sound rofl?

Dagger1 Dagger: I didn’t cheat On ya save, I cheated With ya! LOLOL

SaveMe Oh: when I would not have poledanced in a wheelchair in your club you would be a beggar still

Kikas Babenco: he was the owner of the club?!

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but he has an awful music taste

Dagger1 Dagger: So TRUE Save. You and Sole

SaveMe Oh: Sole was my first lawyer. Before Bock. And my first love.

SaveMe Oh: I wept bitter tears when she betrayed me with him

Kandinsky Beaumont: Very long and hot history

Dagger1 Dagger: Yeah She was my major pain

SaveMe Oh: but I am glad I dont have to hear his lol and rofl the whole day. Thats worse than coucou

Dagger1 Dagger: So what ya selling kid

SaveMe Oh: all my paintings dag. Choose one and its yours for whatever you want to pay me. As the Linden will rob me soon anyway

Dagger1 Dagger: Why would they take your paintings?

SaveMe Oh: Because they are masterpieces.That man only knows about motorcycles, sigh. When you say painting he thinks about painting his walls

SaveMe Oh: For sure you choose one, Dagger, where I am not wearing any clothes. I already know

Dagger1 Dagger: Ok I want the one of the Geisha with the fan and the one with the old man checking out your ass.

Dagger1 Dagger paid SaveMe Oh 500 Linden.

Dagger1 Dagger bought Lady with a fan. Painted by Gustav Klimt and Dog in the bedroom. Painted by Jan Steen, stolen online and upgraded by SaveMe Oh, stolen by the Linden, handling of stolen goods by Dagger1 Dagger, on 04-10-2013 in Portuguese Art Foundation SIM  V/5, Angel Isles.

Total amount of sold stolen art the Linden thought they owned on the third day of ownerswapping:

4229 Linden

This brings the total from one week selling stolen goods owned by the Linden on:

5121 + 8066 + 4229 = 17416 Linden.

As the Linden are now aware of these events I will now go underground. Paintings can only be purchased when you TP me and my museum to a secret location and arrange one minute before opening a flashmob. It is also possible to invite me for a personal museum visit, you only should get rid of your own shit first as me and my museum need some space.

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