Oh, What A Surprise

SaveMe Oh: Dear Bryn, I organised an event for you to thank you for all you did although you are a bitch for me. I would like to meet you to hand you over the result of the event, a nice present. Is that possible or you prefer I just add it to your account?

Bryn Oh: Its ok SaveMe you keep it

SaveMe Oh: No I wont

SaveMe Oh: So can I hand it over or you prefer to have it on your account

SaveMe Oh: I send it anyway

SaveMe Oh: what you do with is is up to you

SaveMe Oh: Can you TP me for a sec?

SaveMe Oh: Not to your place of course as I am banned  there, but somewhere else?

SaveMe Oh: I would appriciate that as a lot of people contributed and I want to make sure it is all done well

Bryn Oh: you just want to mock me Save.. go write that it happened and we met etc.. but give the money to one of your friends

SaveMe Oh: No dear, I am not gonna cheat with money your and my friends donated

Teleport offer sent to Bryn Oh

SaveMe Oh: You are not gonna come or tp me?

SaveMe Oh: So, I give you 3 minutes to decide and then I will send you the money of your present

SaveMe Oh: Ok, you have it your way. Dear Bryn, my beloved sister, thank you for all you did for the SL artworld and what a sad occasion it is that leaves us behind with Solo Mornington. I hope you like this present, contributed by a lot of friends. May the art defeat the Linden and LEA rulers.

SaveMe Oh paid Bryn Oh  L$5256


Bryn Oh: thank you SaveMe, and your friends too

SaveMe Oh: You are welcome



A day later Bryn showed up in LEA dressed in all new clothes, but saying hello was maybe too much.

7 thoughts on “Oh, What A Surprise

    • Edward, that’s the problem for SaveMe: No one is afraid of her pixels. Without her sycophants and her victims, there’s no SMO. Not even her currency is any good; she can’t even buy her way into relevance. If you played along and paid her, you were swindled by her reputation.

      • I haven’t even been in sl for weeks, but she collected L$ for Bryn who was afraid to be in the same sim with her. It’s all in the dialog – no talking points here I’m afraid.

      • I am terribly afraid that without Saveme, Solo Mornington wont exist either. Poor thing!

  1. Is it still against the ToS to publish IM chat logs? I’m not up on the latest in that regard. I know it was at one time.

    • It was NEVER against the Tos to publish IM chat logs outside of SL on the web like in a blog, Wizzy. I do it all the time. Tos just doesn’t reach outside of SL legally speaking.

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