SaveMe Oh Paid Her To Have Sex With Me

From my darling Rose I received this message that MalvaRose Rembrandt had send her:

Dear Rose, I don’t know what to think so I decide to write you. Actually I’m stalked by a man. His avatar is called Tom Zaurak linked to pomkay1980 who start to interact with SaveMe Oh. I don’t know what they are talking about but someone wrote on Save’s blog trying to discover her identity. So tell her beware, beware yourself, those people are mad. I don’t know what they want to do with us but tell Save to stop, they are dangerous.

SaveMe Oh: Now for who I have to watch out?

MalvaRose Rembrandt: I think you was stalked like me

SaveMe Oh: I always kill my stalkers

MalvaRose Rembrandt: well i have no problems 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Did I miss one?

MalvaRose Rembrandt: maybe

SaveMe Oh: So tell me about, please.

MalvaRose Rembrandt: Well this man named Tom start to stalk me in June. Something happened between  us. Than disappeared and after a some months start to do things related to something I told him about my RL.

MalvaRose Rembrandt: He created some fake accounts. Crazymalvaroserembrandt is one of them.

MalvaRose Rembrandt: One day a woman came here telling me you paid her to have sex with me. And also someone wrote me I have to apologize for the fight we had in the past. That’s why I told Rose to beware

SaveMe Oh: Dont bother, I love good drama. Now whats the name of the woman who came to you?

MalvaRose Rembrandt: This is one of the fake account she wrote me in Russian

amberlynn25624: это ничего не доказывает. просто слова. Я Google It. Нет такой ссылки. разместить на этом канале Cammie, доказать, что это вы

MalvaRose Rembrandt: The only person who I had to apologize is a man called “Ben” because I  talked in 2008 with a dear friend of mine (virtual) called “Rebecca” I told her a dream I had in 2000 where I “kissed” Ben. Then all the mess started from that exactly day. Is not Save I have to apologize but Ben. Is Save a man called Ben?

MalvaRose Rembrandt: Give me the right adress of this cammie youtube channel maybe is not mine

amberlynn25624: With you being a fake journalist? SaveMe is correct you only talk to see your own words. People like you we sent to the gulags for being mad and out of your mind. apologize now! yo

SaveMe Oh: Omg, the russian secret service

SaveMe Oh: I am gonna call Bond, James Bond

MalvaRose Rembrandt: I’m stil searching for the messages send by that woman who called to be payed by you

MalvaRose Rembrandt: The avatar is RenaDanseed

MalvaRose Rembrandt: She says you payed her 500 linden 🙂

SaveMe Oh: And did you had sex with her?

MalvaRose Rembrandt: No because i’m not lesbian or shemale as all this personage think i’m. But I’m not nor in sl nor in rl 🙂

MalvaRose Rembrandt: I’m simply a woman with a canon eos that try to work as journalist.

MalvaRose Rembrandt: And I like men

SaveMe Oh: I will nail those fakers. Please let me know when they bother you again.

MalvaRose Rembrandt: thanks 🙂

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