The Siege Of Panzerkreuzer Potemkin


`I prefer to call you Ampel, Ampel on red, Ampel on green,’ Quan Lavender said with her typical dark German accent `but let’s cut the crap now, what is SaveMe up to? I always share my info with you for your blog, now I want something in return’.

It was not strange Ampel was compared so often with a moose as the face he showed was typical. `SaveMe gave the Swedish press the exclusive rights with a sneak preview. You really think she would like me to share with you her plans now you are a LEA committee member? Or do you have something hot to offer me?’

Quan never had heard the call from a moose in the wild but the sound Ampel was producing could well be a perfect imitation of such a powerful animal.

`I could lick your balls but the rumour goes they are not easy to find?’ Quan said with a tiny voice, as if she was already worried what it would do to her exclusive lipstick.

`I thought LEA was more from licking every ass’ Ampel said with a cruel grin on his face when he turned his ass in the face of Miss Perfect.

Before Quan Lavender could stand on guard at the LEA sims she had to go change her nice dress as this gift from Rebeca Bashly she was wearing was ruined completely with Ampels shit. She jumped in a Betty Omo but realised later that it was not the cleverest choice; she was like a walking amusement park. But much more time to bother herself with that was not possible as SaveMe was already appearing on her radar in LEA 28. As she had fucked up completely with her actions the day before, her boss Solo Mornington ordered her to just wake him up when she saw movement and then get the hell out of there. `All this incompetent woman around me are killing me’ he had yelled at her.


It was the Panzerkreuzer Potemkin SaveMe Oh had chosen to be her gallery of the night. To freak Solo Mornington out she put a large amount of her paintings up for sale there. Something she knows was strictly forbidden by the dictatorship of LEA. But brave SaveMe Oh dare to stand up against the dark forces.

`Solo is coming, fasten your seatbelts’ SaveMe said to her friends Kikas & Marma who where helping her out. `I am going to try the sweet approach.’

And with the sweetest voice SaveMe Oh could produce she said to Solo Mornington who was entering the interior of the Panzerkreuzer Potemkin `Solo, I love you. Make peace, not war. I sold here today for 1000 linden, how much for the rent? A small bribe maybe? Can I buy you a new hat?


Solo Mornington was not completely prepared for this unexpected charm and mumbled  `No rent. It’s free. Free as in beer, free as in libre.’

SaveMe Oh hugged Solo by surprise and said `you see you have deep down inside a good spot? Why you hide that so much?’

Solo Mornington, at unease with the situation, locked in the arms of SaveMe was searching for some air to speak `I don’t hide it at all. You’ve refused to see it, trapped as you are in your horrid persona. Your avatar of nastiness and horror.’ But another big kiss of SaveMe prevented him from bringing out another word.

What could have end up as a nasty encounter in an environment of war and destruction was turned into an event of openness, freedom and art, just by some simple smart tricks of SaveMe Oh. Solo Mornington was watching with open mouth all the beauty that was created around him by SaveMe, Kikas and Marma.

`You really think I can also be saved someday?’ Solo asked.

Marmaduke Arado putted a warm arm around Solo’s shoulder and replied `You could start by admitting too that SaveMe is a great artist.

6 thoughts on “The Siege Of Panzerkreuzer Potemkin

  1. “Marmaduke Arado putted a warm arm around Solo’s shoulder and replied `You could start by admitting too that SaveMe is a great artist.”

    and then Solo presented us with a choice: leave quickly or be ejected. Go figure!

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