Cica Ghost Has An Allergy

Eupalinos Ugaijin is having a project with rafts in the water in LEA 20. Trying not always to be an awful person I put on my sweetest smile and said to him that I might have something nice to add to his project as also other artists had already their rafts floating in his pool


SaveMe Oh: Can I put here a Rose Boat in the water?

Eupalinos Ugajin: ok could I have a copy please ?

SaveMe Oh: Its a no tranfer, thats why I ask if I can put one here.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Rose made it ?

SaveMe Oh: No I made it but it has no trans roses in it.

SaveMe Oh: Now dont worry , I will not build your whole sim full

Eupalinos Ugajin: Not the problem. The problem would be Cica Ghost leaving the project, I have to see first sorry

Eupalinos Ugajin: She seems allergic to you

SaveMe Oh: I always call her Bryn Oh

Eupalinos Ugajin: Anyway I prefer not to see her leave, so will talk to her and contact you.

Eupalinos Ugajin: She made some raft also

SaveMe Oh: I would personally say she could drop dead forever but its your party

Eupalinos Ugajin: I contact you soon

SaveMe Oh: Actually don’t bother

SaveMe Oh: The fact you discuss with her if I could contribute something is disgusting

Eupalinos Ugajin: She just told she would not leave so I am fine with you rezzing your raft

SaveMe Oh: You have more things you have to ask her permission before you do something?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Not permission, but what if I invited you and she left, what would be the purpose?

SaveMe Oh: You did not invited me, I invited myself, and the fact you checked that with her is sick.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I just invited her a while ago and she made something for the project, so it is natural to me to ask her. So I invite you or not ?

SaveMe Oh: No thanks

Eupalinos Ugajin: ok tell me if you change you mind

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be in the way of your precious relationships with people

Eupalinos Ugajin: you mix things here and you know it.

SaveMe Oh: I know you checked with her things you shouldn’t.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Just a project and people making something for it

SaveMe Oh: Exactlly, but they way you work it out is a different one

Eupalinos Ugajin: Ah now I should not do something ? “you shouldnt” well…

SaveMe Oh: And you did not even ask Artistic Depression, she will be against it too. Better check that too

Eupalinos Ugajin: Well he has you on ignore I don’t think he would mind

SaveMe Oh: And Maya also has her bad days

SaveMe Oh: Next time I ask you something please say yes or no.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I am fine with rezzing a build of course, but yes if this implies 2/3 people leaving I must of course take this in consideration

SaveMe Oh: This bullshit I cant handle. Yes, take good care of the majority.

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