Rafts Drift Apart

You know the feeling of having people on your friends list who you suspect of only being there to avoid a conflict? The people who use the credo “If you can’t beat them, join them?” As notorious drama queen and walking piece of art I have such a relation with Eupalinos Ugajin. He is for ages on my friends list but I can’t remember of having ever a normal conversation with him. Eupalinos Ugajin is the wannabe Salvador Dali in Secondlife who’s work normally is the result of a repeated recipe of throwing 10 items in a blender that have nothing to with each other, for example strawberry, koala, Monsanto beans, submarine, highschool skirts, dead Indians, expressomachine, nuclear waste, motherships and elephant poo. With this elephant poo he glues everything together and want us to watch it so we can say “oh, how surreal” or “ah, I’m getting gaga from the dada in my upcoming fluxus”.

When I am performing somewhere he always does his best to come with even something more monstrous as the friend of my former friend was wearing in my last post (see under this post).

As I said before I was some days ago in a good mood and offered him in a very gentle way a petit little lovely raft that I had in my inventory, but at once he had no more escape for continuing playing mister good guy as he had to ask his boss, Cica Ghost (or Bryn Oh as some say) for permission. He, for ages on my friends list, had to tell me that 2/3 of the other participating artists might run away when I participated. I took my conclusion and drop the petit little love raft back in my inventory and start participating without asking permission.

Angel of wrath


Angel of wrath

This draw 2 nights in a row so much attention that hardly anybody was having a look at the dead things that were floating in the water of LEA 20. All kind of friends came out to see my live action work and when Eupalinos Ugajin would ever had a face it would be green and yellow of envy so it was just waiting for the hidden officer of law and order to come out. After I entertain the Italian connection the first night with Luce Laval, Pallina Loon and Samira Tammas, second night I spent hours with my connected minds Mikati Slade and Cat Shilova before it was time for this sad little reason mastermind Eupalinos Ugajin could come up with to ban me.

Eupalinos Ugajin: SaveMe,  we need to work on the boat so please move a bit.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t see a boat. Which boat?

Eupalinos Ugajin: So you won’t move I guess?

Eupalinos Ugajin: yes/no?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t know what boat, which way to move and who are we?


You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Eupalinos Ugajin ejected you from this land.


Eupalinos Ugajin: new medal 🙂

Eupalinos Ugajin: not too heavy I hope

Kill the clown

Kill the clown

Later that night:

SaveMe Oh: Have you already fixed the boat? Then unban me.

Eupalinos Ugajin: no ^^

SaveMe Oh: no, not fixed the boat, or no, I will not unban you?


Today I found out that I was still banned, that Eupalinos Ugajin had disappeared from my friends list, just as Quan Lavender (don’t ask me why). And funny enough, when you open the info about the land you find one ALLOWED resident. Guess…..yes, Quan Lavender.

This trouble amongst friends is not easy is an understatement and I almost got deaf from the silence of my other friends. Or are they also on my list trembling if they are next?

But I think I can live with the left 1/3. And what should I do with virtual flowers when LEA wants to thank me for being the wistle blower on LEA 25 and 28? (did you notice they closed those sims?)

4 thoughts on “Rafts Drift Apart

  1. Friendlists are huge sources of mysteries and dramas (I wont ask about why about your second ex-“friend” disappearance..I might laugh again too loud and then my neighbours would ban me). And one of the even bigger mysteries of SL is why people still do not understand the use of “mute” and “derender” when someone disturbs them.. I suspect that it allows them to complain and present themselves as victims of that (odious) disturbance. They pretend to hate mosquitoes, but they stretch voluptuosly a naked part of their skin to be bitten (dont ask me which part).

    Dr Freud?? Are you there?

    But I begin to know why i am less and less inclined to log in SL.

  2. I remember the other day, SaveMe Oh said I should buy one of her paintings. She said I should choose one. I asked her: Which one is sincere? She had no answer.

    That’s why her friends list is a mystery.

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