Radioactive Thinking By Mikati Slade

Dear SaveMe,

I remember you sometimes when I am buying sushi at a supermarket and in a funny way in a connection with Solo Mornington. I have talked with Solo a few times. He is not a bad person and he said you have talent. I think you love Solo Mornington and I know you love Newbab Zsigmond too, admit that you have an interest for him. That picture you have making a “V” sign in front of a Pirats sign says all.

I was amazed with the picture when I saw it because I made almost a same composition picture without knowing it on facebook. We must be one mind.

Breaking News 2

A lot of people said your name until now. Where are you playing usually in SL? I guess you play with Ush and Marmeduke and Apmel. You are happy because you have many good friends.

I have another secret to share. I saw facebook and you were talking about Returned. I think Returned = SaveMe. Anyway I am a fan of both. So you both are great friends.

You create a lot of dramas in SL. People add their emotions to your created dramas every time. You lead them to do that on purpose? And do the touched emotions creates stories? I know that drama and stories are your speciality, your field. Do you think it is possible to exist in stories nowadays? Even in a post modern age? After modern it says history lost stories. Stories lost the power.

Everyone wish to see your art but they don’t see it when they stand in the middle of it, that’s ironical.

Now Eupalinos Ugajin is a good person. He is worried if you were punishing me. I told him you were not punishing me at all. And does Cica Ghost dislikes you? Because you always say she is Bryn Oh?

Psychedelic and Alzheimer is similar. Are you not bored with SL? You and I have the same account age. Or do you create some good drama when you get bored? You do this very well. You love SL, so you do perfect. Only your performance made me excited in SL art. Your existence is an art as I said, this is more correct maybe.

But you seem to have made a lot of people angry. So I am afraid to admire you in a public place. It is very hard to reach to your mind for regular people. Actually you have many big fans. So you succeeded. Maybe a lot of people think the same like you but cannot do anything. So they are excited to see your art.

Art is thing of the west. Japan is separated with that even though there are many artists in Japan. So I had a dream to see western art people in SL but I didn’t see it. Only you.

So I guess I would be happier if I would like art like house decoration.

Will you do something at burn2 festival, SaveMe? I am not a spy of Burn btw. I think they are hippies. California new-age spiritualism.

Hey SaveMe, where are you going?

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected and banned by Eupalinos Ugajin.

3 thoughts on “Radioactive Thinking By Mikati Slade

  1. I can confirm that Mikati actually said that. Well, at least the 5-6 last sentences, as i happened to arrive there at this point.
    She is a great person with an original and rather accurate vision of what she sees in SL.
    And strangely, as I had some (of course deep) thoughts after this same evening, and i was thinking about the same than Mikati, more or less: that SL art was so often half dead, depressive and depressing, even if I like (and liked) quite a few installations and some machinimas.
    But egos are egos, and egos do not like électrochocs therapies.

    Well, everyone would certainly be eager to read more of my prose, am I not right? And for sure I would have much more to say. But, please, excuse me, forgive me, future and numerous audience, my rl emergencies are a priority at the moment.
    (to be continued – ? – ).

    ps: I wouldnt dare to emit an opinion about you and Solo, but ….

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