How Mother Earth Kills

Italian hippies and their groupies have landed in LEA 13 to warn us against the big danger the earth is facing. But as always they forget to look in the mirror refusing to see they are the biggest threat themselves. In their relentless way to save the earth they don’t mind killing everything what stands in their way.

When they were still constructing their prim waste I paid them a visit and made a prediction one week before the opening of the sim.

SaveMe Oh: Are you extinct or still alive?

Nino Vichan: Depends

SaveMe Oh: Of what?

Nino Vichan: Perspective

SaveMe Oh: And is extinction in your perpective?

Nino Vichan: I supposes some aspects but its a good question for which I must wait and see

SaveMe Oh: You wait if you are extinct?

Nino Vichan: I will probably be that last one to know

SaveMe Oh: And what you do during waiting for your extinction? Hiding in your SL?

Nino Vichan: I would like to think that I am creating as an expression of my existence

SaveMe Oh: So I am banned for the opening?

Nino Vichan: The opening is next tuesday

SaveMe Oh: Yes?

Nino Vichan: Do you want me to do that?

SaveMe Oh: No but they always do

Nino Vichan: Why do they always do that

SaveMe Oh: You should ask yourself

Nino Vichan: That would not answer the question

SaveMe Oh: Why would you ban me?

Nino Vichan: I have no reason to at the moment

SaveMe Oh: And when your collegues in this project demand it from you, would you ban me?

Nino Vichan: I do not actually have that ability but you seem to be interested in the topic of baning

SaveMe Oh: I am not, but I can predict things

Nino Vichan: You predict based on past experience?

SaveMe Oh: Of course

Nino Vichan: And in this experience are there any common denominators

SaveMe Oh: and I am always curious if people who are not aware of that will bend for that, like you.

Nino Vichan: Are there any common denominators

SaveMe Oh: If people stick to themself or become collaborators

SaveMe Oh: I will know soon the outcome

Nino Vichan: You dont see any common denominators in your past experiences

SaveMe Oh: I see an artist exposed for the opening and I predict my banning. Soon I will know if you agree

Nino Vichan: So you dont see a cause and effect relationship in your past experience

SaveMe Oh: Not at all

Nino Vichan: ok

To be in time for the opening of LEA 13 a week later I was the first to enter the concerthall and waited patiently for the start of the event with Ultralight Alter. Soon I got company from two security watchdogs Aloisio Congrejo and Comet Morigi who didn’t open their mouth until Ampel came in unzipping his pants.

Apmel Meerson: hi Alo and hello SaveMe!

SaveMe Oh: Hi Ampel

Alo: hi apmel

Apmel Meerson: you aren¨t banned Save? Isn´t Ultra playing tonight?

SaveMe Oh: I prefer not to say a word as I already have tight security

Apmel Meerson: hehe

Kanashimi Mac: hi Apmel

Apmel Meerson: hello Kana

Kanashimi Mac: hi SaveMe

Apmel Meerson: hello Ultra

Dido Haas: hahah

Dido Haas: hi Aneli

Kanashimi Mac: hi Ultralight

Apmel Meerson: hi Dido and Aneli

Dido Haas: hello Ultra

SaveMe Oh: hey Ultralight

Dido Haas: hey Apmel

SaveMe Oh: how are you

Ultralight: hi everyone 🙂

SaveMe Oh: dressed I hope

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

SaveMe Oh: Liar!

Nino Vichan: Actually what you do not know is that my opinion was to just leave you alone

SaveMe Oh: Thank you for that. Pity

Nino Vichan: Its just the way I see things

SaveMe Oh: Well, your opinion doesnt seem to matter much, but that can happen. Thank you anyway for trying.

A day after the concert:

SaveMe Oh: May I ask why I am still banned. What did I do to you?

Nino Vichan: I actually have no idea. I will speak with Aloisio Congrejo when I see him come in.

SaveMe Oh: So unban me please. Why you have to speak with Aloisio? Is he your boss?

Nino Vichan: Let me see if I have the ability to do that

SaveMe Oh: You come up as the landowner, so I guess so. So dont hide behind Aloisio

Nino Vichan: I would also prefer to not be spoken to in a demeaning manner

SaveMe Oh: I would also prefer not to be banned based on nothing by you.So we all have our little wishes.

Nino Vichan: Yes but you just do not seem to understand that I do not own this parcel and therefore have no rights to change the access permissions, and since I would if I could

SaveMe Oh: You come up as owner of this land when I check the land

Nino Vichan: It would be nice to be civil

SaveMe Oh: So you have that ability

Nino Vichan: No, I am an estate manager

Nino Vichan: but I only own five small parcels

SaveMe Oh: And on those five small parcels I am unbanned now?

Nino Vichan: You never were.

He TP me and he had indeed a parcel of the size of a poststamp with banlines for me all around.

SaveMe Oh: So this is the place for me to breath in this prison?

Nino Vichan: Now you understand?

SaveMe Oh: And here is the wall with the banlines

Nino Vichan: You have been speaking to me in a manner that was a bit rude. I have only the ability to do certain things and I have not done anything against you, so…

SaveMe Oh: I would like to see how you were speaking when you where kicked out all the time

Nino Vichan: I hope you have a nice day

SaveMe Oh: I hope you too and sorry for thinking that you have something in common with your friends. Now who is the big prison ward here I have to go with my complaints when its not you?

Nino Vichan: Im sure you know how to figure out who owns what parcels

SaveMe Oh: Thats rather diificult when you are banned there

Nino Vichan: Click the ground

SaveMe Oh: So as mother earth person you advise me to find out everything myself? Ok, ty. I will.

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