Mama, Mama, They Deleted My Facebook Account

In the light of recent events (see my posts about monstrous dicks and corrupted LEA sims) I could notice a higher level of attacks to prevent me from using my freedom of speech. Warnings, threats, secret service activities and pressure on my friends to dump me or change my mind give a perfect picture how the narrow-minded rulers inside SL think they have to imitated the Vladimir Putin’s and Barack Obama’s of this world. I already made an escape plan to the Embassy of Ecuador, just in case. (Although I hate that I have to eat fried squirrels).

After some warnings from facebook today I found for the third time in some years an account deleted. What a relief. I hate so much to have to do the cleaning of my friends list every year, and this does it with one click from some idiot somewhere.

Unfortunately the spy activity led to more victims. Something I have nothing to do with but I will never be believed as they prefer to shuffle all the guilt to SaveMe Oh than look themselves in a mirror.

Apmel Meerson: Quan.. are you banned from Facebook? I noticed I couldn´t reach SaveMe Oh’s notices..and when I search you..not you either

Quan Lavender: Yes, obviously another game of this asshole

Apmel Meerson: Omg, I was hoping it was a mistake

Quan Lavender: I don’t think so. The account is deleted. I had to confirm with passport. But of course I can’t

Quan Lavender: I have a RL account too and when I see all the HUGE ASSHOLES in SL I am more that glad that nobody knows who I am.

Quan Lavender: Btw, thank you that you encouraged Save to blog this

Apmel Meerson: hehe

Quan Lavender: I hope she will do that to you too

Apmel Meerson: nobody can touch me..not even SaveMe

Quan Lavender: A good position to hurt others, concrats

Just wait...

Eupalinos Ugajin: Hello, I just had an offline message from Rose and sent her this: Hello Rose, I have nothing to do with SaveMe’s FB account, in fact I did not know she had such a problem until you told me. Once again my intention is not to start a campaign against her (like the person from Nordan in the past). (Flora Nordenskiold and Josina Burgess)

SaveMe Oh: Not a campaign? By banning half secondlife from LEA 20 in an attempt to keep me away, or to ask Quan Lavender to ban me from the region? Looks to me like an organised systematic campaign.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Well think what you want, I did ban you from lea 20 and told Quan you were standing with big attachements in the next sim. I don’t want to do more and will not.

SaveMe Oh: You will delete all the bans and will not censor my freedom of expression as an artist, that is what you will do or all your words are fake

SaveMe Oh: I will check in one hour……ok two hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: Just the freedom to annoy people, I will not unban you from the sim. We simply could not work with you around.

SaveMe Oh: Then your words are fake. Thank you for clearing that out. I already had that impression

SaveMe Oh: Now please dont contact me anymore unless its to tell me you respect every artist right to express herself. You can also kick somebody out for one day

Eupalinos Ugajin: I don’t care about your “impression” in fact, this im has only one purpose: I have nothing to do with this FB removal and no intention of starting a “campaign” against you.

SaveMe Oh: No but who knows your boss does. Stay close to yourself. Unban me. The work you had to do is done now so that can not be the problem.

Eupalinos Ugajin: I like the way you play with prims in SL not the way you insult people.

SaveMe Oh: I dont care what you like or not

Eupalinos Ugajin: No this project is ongoing with more builds and changes

SaveMe Oh: I want my freedom

Eupalinos Ugajin: You are not in jail

SaveMe Oh: Thats for me to judge, you have no idea what your kind of people create. The day you can do without ban and banlines we talk again. Now you are just a policeman with a mask.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Same for you I would say, you have no idea how your are agressive towards people thinking you are more wise or something.

SaveMe Oh: I am who I am

Eupalinos Ugajin: haha

Eupalinos Ugajin: I guess everyone is

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not everybody is a camp commander disguised as artist

Eupalinos Ugajin: I will not “react” to camp commander, police, “artist” or other very subtle arguments you will use. A few line above are the reasons I banned you: simple

SaveMe Oh: How long is your banlist is LEA 20 in an attempt to hit me?

SaveMe Oh: 20, 30 avatars?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Have a good evening and I a sorry for your problem with FB

SaveMe Oh: Stand for what you do.I will check in 2 hours

Eupalinos Ugajin: I answered to this hmm… ultimatum above already

Eupalinos Ugajin: See you later

SaveMe Oh: Then go back to guard your borders

Secret wedding preparations 1

Aino Baar: Hello Saverina, Are you already married? I thought we will celebrate the wedding in the museum!

SaveMe Oh: my FB account was deleted due to actions of my enemies so I had to take this step

Aino Baar: Congrats by the way. They deleted your account in FB?

SaveMe Oh: Yes, for the 3th time

Aino Baar: Is that possible?

SaveMe Oh: Happens all the time

Aino Baar: Have you tell FB that? They have to protect you

SaveMe Oh: I dont talk with idiots

Aino Baar: then you have hackers as enemies

SaveMe Oh: A corrupt system has to protect me? Dont be naive. When I tell FB Aino Baar is a fake account, watch what happens.

Aino Baar: Hope you dont do that

SaveMe Oh: Never, I am an artist, not a KGB agent

Aino Baar: Because i am not fake, i am a real avatar

SaveMe Oh: But some people would love I would not exist

Aino Baar: Yes i know perfectly: I recieved some messages saying that if I dont delete you from the group they will leave it and it’s not only one. I told them that I am so sorry for them but I will never delete no one, nor SaveMe! And they left the group. Its ok. I am not going to accept pressures or blackmails from anyone. For me you are an artist and an excellent one btw.

SaveMe Oh: I have the same attitude. In SL people also threat simowners to leave when they work with me. And a lot have no backbone.

Aino Baar: It is a no sense. SaveMe,it is clear that you awake all type of passions, you do not leave anyone indifferent. Well, let me know if I can do something for you, if I can help you somehow.

SaveMe Oh: I trigger emotion, what else a dramaqueen can ask for?

Aino Baar: lol lol yes! You are right. When people said me that you are a terrorist and the things you do are not art, so, I had to delete you from the group. I said that they maybe dont know the Viennese Actionism. I think some people hates you because they dont know art history

SaveMe Oh: They are not into art but into conquering land and ego

Aino Baar: I think most of the people get scared to what they do not know and do not understand, and react against what hating unknown. So, I think that those who hate you is because they don’t know anything about contemporary art history. They think are personal things no art actions.

After completing this post I checked if Eupa already lift the ban but this pseudo artist prefer to continue as undercover camp commander.

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