Removing Evidence

After the turmoil that rose after my unintended confrontation with the monstrous dick with the friend of a former friend attached to it I decided that it would be nice of me not to contribute more to the exposure of this LEA member who banned me, unfriend me and put me on the blacklist of every list she could find.

Also because my exposure of another LEA member was not received with a lot of applause it might be better to stop with these confrontations as it also starts to influence the warm relations I had until now with my sweet neighbours.

I must admit that I forget sometimes the hard work these fine people are doing to provide us poor artists with free land so we can build navy bases and sell the submarines for real Linden, dump our yachts and Jacuzzi’s for free in a LEA harbour and promote our country so more tourists will go to Portugal.


That’s why I took a brush and removed by hand all the name tags of her on the pictures that I unintended took on this unlucky day in the hope that her identity will stay secret.


In a further attempt to restore the disturbed relationships I hereby announce that the porn pics will only be used in future for charity or welfare purposes, fundraising events for the people in need and never, I repeat never for commercial purposes or as evidence for the NSA.


Reach out and touch

Somebody’s hand

Make this world a better place

If you can

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