SaveMe Oh – From Sao Paulo To Cerveira

After the machinima work of SaveMe Oh was shown during FILE MACHINIMA in Sao Paulo and also in Toronto and Montreal in Canada her work has now arrived in Cerveira, Portugal.

She will present in Cerveira 3 of her latest movies who will show her vision on virtual worlds and the attitude users of virtual worlds should have, according to her, toward art presented in an online world. And in her vision that means participation and interaction instead of consuming.

The 3 works presented five Saturdays between 14.30 and 18.30, starting 9 November are:

cartaz save oh

1.  Oh, to  be invented to the Venice Biennale

Here SaveMe Oh deals with the problem every successful artist is facing finally. After years of wanting to become famous and successful, when you finally do get famous and successful you don’t care anymore.

2. Play in me

SaveMe Oh present us in this machinima her wearable art inspired by well known famous artists. She seems to invite the audience to participate. Play in me!

Performed in front of a crazy crowd of wild enthousiastic artfreaks! But these are all donkeys and sheep? Is she accusing the real life audience or online audience of being dumb asses?

Broken fence

3. Firestarter or catlady

It is very easy to be an online activist but are behind this facades not simply elderly cat ladies busy with their virtual hobby?

Where can this all be seen?

Projecto, Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Cultural na República das Artes

Praça 15 Fevereiro, nº 21, 4920-275 Vila Nova de Cerveira,  Portugal

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