Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

As tomorrow my exhibition In RL opens in Cerveira, Portugal the housekeeper of their SL sim asked me to make also a small virtual exhibition. And I had not yet started or this housekeeper and primcounter was already standing behind my back to keep a close look on the amount of prims I was wasting.

Vitos Porta: May I give my opinion? You are better than this solution……as far I know.  Why you didn´t use the project room or flying objects …this kind of housing isn´t much interesting..at least for my taste and the avant-garde style of other artist artworks on the sim 

SaveMe Oh: I don’t care a bit about your opinion

Vitos Porta: For being creative it isn´t just enough to defy rules …

Vitos Porta: oh ok ..sorry I made a mistake trying to speak to you …

Vitos Porta: YOU HAVE JUST LEFT FREE PRIMS 848 …is too much!

SaveMe Oh: Delete some of the old stuff

Vitos Porta: No I was not told to do so just to please you, sorry. I was told to explain you very well you should not use more than 120 prims

SaveMe Oh: And what great event we have here? 1 visitor a day?

Vitos Porta:  You don’t need to be impolite with me, SaveMe Oh.

SaveMe Oh: Or get rid of this useless building that’s here all the time for nothing. Who needs these mountains and concrete? They eat space of artists.

Vitos Porta: Why you always complain about others art works from others great artist like you  ..when you are one of them?

SaveMe Oh: I complain about you, housekeepers! Who think lag and prims are more important than the art

Vitos Porta: I am only staff …sorry …but I got limitations and due respect to artists needs

SaveMe Oh: Then go be staff and provide me with possibilities to do my work. At this moment you have only 947 free prims on your land. Let me rez something…


Vitos Porta: Ohhhh you are clever ..this way ..is nice indeed but now we got only 804 prims left

SaveMe Oh: When we are at zero I will stop

Vitos Porta: Please do not do so ..SaveMe Oh.

Vitos Porta: Oh I see you chatting with Rene Magritte on a pic? …

SaveMe Oh: Rene is painting me

Vitos Porta: Oh ..you are the best!

SaveMe Oh: And these buildings are all Hopper paintings, now go study that

Vitos Porta: Yes I realise it ..from paintings …of him. He was a master too

SaveMe Oh: And this kind of housing isn´t much interesting you said a while ago???!!!

Vitos Porta: I like your way of using TV building strategy settings of buildings indeed

SaveMe Oh: When you take a pic in exact the right angle you have a Hopper painting

Vitos Porta: Oh I must tell my professor about it ..he likes not much too colored environments

SaveMe Oh: Now watch closer the movie who is now in Cerveira, you dumbo!

Vitos Porta: Oh I see you doing 3D paintings painter looks? I am being polite with you  SaveMe Oh. I am here to support or remember some rules ..not to argue with you as an artist.

SaveMe Oh: Now you sit and don’t talk so much. Hope you know how to SIT??? Sigh. Not on the floor dumbo, in the painting.

Vitos Porta: Like this?

SaveMe Oh: Finally he saw the light, good boy

Vitos Porta: I appreciate very much all your work, you don’t need to get angry with me

SaveMe Oh: I am never angry, I just tell you my clear opinion

Vitos Porta: It hurts some time like a knife on mind & taste and we are around 624 prims by now. Can you believe that the others artist did respected the 120 prims limits? And still they did great work?

SaveMe Oh: They are fools. An artist doesn’t accept limitations. Now don’t make me angry again. Or did I just say that I am never angry?

Vitos Porta: hihi

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel Isles/97/163/37

One thought on “Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

  1. Haha wonderful. You are so pedagogical. Even an noob art staff person can in the end get it even if they whine cause it hurts badly. There are hopes fore the staffs after all.

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