Everybody Can Join The Securitate

In the LEA sandbox group:

Kreao Kujisawa: Hello, there is some admin/officer online?

SaveMe Oh: Yes? Do I have to kill or ban somebody?

Eddi Decosta: um? not on this group pls

Kreao Kujisawa: Sorry for bothering you.

SaveMe Oh: Whats the problem?

Kreao Kujisawa: I was in my platform building and some “weird noises” started. Long tory short:  just a little under my platform there is a guy who rezzed a house  having sex with a girl and the couch thery’re on make a tons of noise.

Kreao Kujisawa: I think it is inappropriate

SaveMe Oh: Eddi. do you have sex in LEA5? I have a complaint about noise.

SaveMe Oh: What Kind of sex they had?

Kreao Kujisawa: o.o ?

SaveMe Oh: nude, dressed, with toys?

Kreao Kujisawa: Nude with the “attachments”

SaveMe Oh: size?

Kreao Kujisawa: lol dunno ask him XD

SaveMe Oh: And what kind of noise?

Kreao Kujisawa: ok. i’m back to blender 🙂 i noticed the thing to admin since  me and  the other girl here on the platform  found the thing  not of good taste . that’s all.

SaveMe Oh: Ok. I will adress this in our staff meeting.

Kreao Kujisawa: Barry Richez is his name.

SaveMe Oh: ty

After this conversation I took care of a corruption case in LEA

SaveMe Oh: You know where is all my stuff, Solo!

Asterion Coen: Why do u think im Solo? Have u read my profile ?

SaveMe Oh: I know

Asterion Coen: I’m a company. A solution provider.

SaveMe Oh: All dictators are solution providers

Asterion Coen: you r right 🙂 And im probly one too, but i have nothing to do with Solo 🙂

Asterion Coen: I know PatriciaAnne Daviau from IBM sims

Asterion Coen: and that’s about all about the lea team

SaveMe Oh: so you had to pay PatriciaAnne Daviau for the sim?

Asterion Coen: I’ve met Jayjay Zifanwe too, for some other purpose, some times ago

SaveMe Oh: How much Jayjay wanted for the sim?

Asterion Coen: As all dictators, I never pay anything, I accept gifts 🙂

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