We Are Sooooooo Important


Draxtor Despress: I NEED to schedule with Rose. I am a bit panicky because I need to film some stuff Sunday.

SaveMe Oh: She has no time for your rubbish.

Draxtor Despress: I think she might. And there is a scene we shoot with friends as well. You should be in that.

SaveMe Oh: I already did my commercial for this year. It was a FA commercial. That was enough.


Draxtor Despress: Ok, you are out then 😦

SaveMe Oh: Ask your teddybear, the rat

Draxtor Despress: sigh….. 😦 This is going to be a very good piece

SaveMe Oh: I already saw this movie a hundred times

Draxtor Despress: I think I call Rose on the cell. Can you not tell Rose to call me now? I thought that this would be in your powers?

Draxtor Despress: Also please do an episode.


Draxtor Despress: alright i see

Draxtor Despress: donkeys then!

Draxtor Despress: you are defacing her art but i like it kinda


Draxtor Despres: But Rose and I talked and we could do an episode about your SL work

SaveMe Oh: I already know, silly

Draxtor Despres: What do you know? That we talked about this?

Draxtor Despres: How do you know that?

SaveMe Oh: Because Rose and I are married

SaveMe Oh: sigh

Draxtor Despres: I think you are her

SaveMe Oh: I think so too sometimes

Draxtor Despres: Anyway I need to talk with her because of scheduling. The episode is half way through and I need to shoot

SaveMe Oh: At once I am sure I am not her

Draxtor Despres: If the shoot is not happening I have to scramble and do another episode because something needs to be published 🙂

Draxtor Despres: Oh so now you are not her? which is it hihihihi

SaveMe Oh: When its about schedules I am never her

Draxtor Despres: ok i am going to set busy and go through the experience. Ok, well I have until tomorrow midday

SaveMe Oh: otherwise they fire you again?

The next day:

Draxtor Despres: You again!

SaveMe Oh: You dont like me?

Draxtor Despres: I actually do. 🙂

Draxtor Despres: I respect you and like you although sometimes I would imprison you. But I have no authority to do that. Despite being a major celebrity

Draxtor Despres: Well i need Rose. I am calling her since 3am

SaveMe Oh: Rose I only use for boring prim glueing.


Some days later:

Draxtor Despress: Hi SaveMe. you do have to leave when we start shooting. I hope we start soon. Rose is not on yet.

SaveMe Oh: She send me

Draxtor Despress: Please get ready to pack up. I have a real big workload and have to pick up the kids on time.

SaveMe Oh: Rose and I always put our children in an asylum. Much more easy.



Draxtor Despress: Rose is not coming. We replicated the entire sim in a secret location so you cant get there. This Drax Files production is very very expensive. Und wir scheuen keine Kosten!

SaveMe Oh: Are you sure I dont know the other LM?
Draxtor Despress: Yes I am. I am shooting with a Rose clone. Goodbye 🙂 And think about doing an episode!

3 thoughts on “We Are Sooooooo Important

  1. [15:41] Draxtor Despres: i should have known 🙂
    [15:41] Draxtor Despres: sigh….
    [15:41] Draxtor Despres: in the United States I could have you thrown into solitary
    [15:42] Draxtor Despres: but you in your democracy over there in filthy old Europe

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