They Need 24 Minutes

They don’t want me at Machinima Expo 6. They don’t want me in Machinima Expo 6 facebook group. The big boss of Machinima Expo 6 said about SaveMe Oh when I called Tutsy’s movie Narcissus a shit….:

Ricky Grove:  Ah, no, I removed SaveMe Oh from the group because her comments are inappropriate and unreasonable. We welcome constructive criticism, but calling an award winner a “disgrace” is not helpful or informative in our machinima group. SaveMe Oh has a reputation for public threats and hostile remarks. She is certainly free to express her opinion on her own blog or website. But this kind of attention-getting behavior will not be tolerated either at the Expo or on the Machinima Expo group. Public threats are not tolerated End of story.

But when Hypathia Pickens explains why everything ever done in machinima finally leads in 24 minutes to the OHne and OHnly SaveMe Oh they don’t bother. Ricky puts it on his VIMEO account about the movies screened at Machinima Expo 6. But no….SaveMe Oh is not welcome!

What my good friend Hypathia Pickens had to suffer to deliver such a good work to these idiots.

Finding the Experimental in MACHINIMA by Hypatia Pickens

Ms. Pickens takes us on a ride trying to understand what is experimental in machinima.




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