Killed By Friendly Fire

Now Christmas is approaching several former friends are reconsider to pardon me and forgive me as they are never quite sure if by accident heaven might exist and they might be held responsible for hostile behaviour against innocent souls like SaveMe Oh.

Quan Lavender is still trying to keep her back straight by banning me as quick as possible when she sees me, Alpha Auer never recovered after her awful behaviour towards me and Eupalinos Ugajin is not a shadow from himself anymore after he made the choice that licking the ass of Cica Ghost / Bryn Oh was more important than being my friend.

And sweet friends do their best to run between us as postiljon d’amour as they realise that all the events I cannot attend anymore are no events when I am not there. They are standing sad watching the poor music of Ultralight Alter in the Omo Globes of Betty Omo, dreaming of the good old times when I was bringing some excitement to those events or are begging Eupalinos to please unban me for a scheduled show as a Kikas & Marma show without SaveMe in the audience is like a Quan Lavender without a monstrous horse dick.

And now this dictator with the friendly face Eupalinos Ugajin is in doubt? Shall he unban me or not. It’s almost Christmas, his land-grant is almost finished…would it hurt to let SaveMe in for some hours to proof he has a heart? And when he keeps his finger on the red button, what could go wrong?

How hard it is to be a good dictator, your good intentions for humanity are never rewarded.

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