The Mistreated Horses Of India


In a strange symbiosis between porn and Nazi vehicles I had yesterday a small exhibition in LEA 28. On one hand I was protesting with the porn pics of one of the LEA advice committee members against the grant for commercial builders to use an artsim to build submarines and Nazi machinery, on the other hand I was testing among a small audience the possibilities to organise a charity event for the mistrated horses in India. Is there an interest to buy these pornpics to save those poor horses? The first signs are hopefull that it can be done.

Iono Allen

Iono Allen has a closer look

Fafner Hofmann

Fafner Hofmann creates a smokescreen

Mark Bizet: One of the best pieces of art LEA ever had. Your place just should be bigger to make it all perfect

SaveMe Oh: Now thats what I also thought

Ush Underwood 2

Ush Underwood: Is this the party already?

SaveMe Oh: This is just a petit expo

ush Underwood: Its about Quans sexlife in sl?

SaveMe Oh: No, its porn. How you know its Quan, btw?

ush Underwood: Dont know .. therefore asking! Now i see .. on a pic is Quans tag

SaveMe Oh: Omg, I thought I cleaned everything

ush Underwood: Quans sex … who cares?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea. You?

ush Underwood: Maybe not even Quan cares really.

SaveMe Oh: You can ask her, I never speak to her anymore.

ush Underwood: But maybe you know better .. who could be interested .. to watch Quans sex?

SaveMe Oh: Is she your friend?

ush Underwood: on my list yes — why?

SaveMe Oh: Then you might know better the answers on your questions

SaveMe Oh: I am just an artist

ush Underwood: Whatever ..see you!

Josef K.

Josef K. yellow ribbon  says he is not allowed to watch

Ziki Questi: That was a quick exhibition 😉 Gone already I see.

SaveMe Oh: I can come for a sec?

Ziki Questi: Oh perfect. Good thing it’s Quan.

Ziki 2Ziki Questi discovers a forgotten nametag

SaveMe Oh: Now how you know? Did I forget to brush her name somewhere?

Ziki Questi: She will appreciate it more if I blog about it.

Ziki 3

SaveMe Oh: Yes. For sure she will and its great for your ratings.

Ziki Questi: Oh yes yes certainly. It was very nice of her to have invited you over.

SaveMe Oh: She didn’t. I came in by accident.

Ziki Questi: Well, yes, but she did give you the landmark, yes?

SaveMe Oh: A day before

Ziki Questi: Well, that’s an invitation

SaveMe Oh: And when I checked it out I end up in this

Ziki Questi: They’re for sale?

SaveMe Oh: Not yet, but I was thinking of selling them for a charity event

Ziki Questi: To help support her gallery?

SaveMe Oh: To save the mistreated horses in India or something like that. What you think?

Ziki Questi: Yes, terrible situation there. Quite nice of Asterion to host your little exhibition here too

SaveMe Oh: He didnt know

Ziki Questi: Oh, he simply said he asked you to remove it when you left 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was a nice gesture of me next to his Nazi vehicles that are granted by LEA

Ziki Questi: yes, good industrial designers, the Nazis

SaveMe Oh: He is an old fashioned builder, he doesnt understand wearing so well

Ziki Questi: Yes, this certainly provides some, uh, different material for the sim

Ziki Questi: that’s hard work, trying to remove her name

Ziki 4

KandinskyKandinsky Beaumont searching for inspiration

calliope lexingtonCalliope Lexington loves nature

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