How Does A Fluxus Dada Asshole Looks?

Simotron Aquila: I’m sorry for this story of ban in Eupalinos Ugajin’s sim (yes, I know, you always pay attention to my work, many thx dear, very kind of you 🙂 I really dont know what say… Eupalinos (like you, I think) knows my opinion… I dont like ban and I never use it. I dont like people come saying me what I have to do in my sim. I dont want people say me who I must invite to my project and who not (for me one must decide to take part to a project not basing on the people invited, but because he likes the project). I dont want anybody say me who must be my friend and who not, etc… I think the “owner/curator/administrator” must have the right to take his decisions freely, right or wrong they can be, and accept the responsability and the consequences of those choices. For this, I’ll don’t force Eupalinos to do something just to make me happy if he thinks is wrong. He didn’t asked my opinion before do what he did, maybe because I ever had this position and he knows it. In any case, I’ll try to speak to him maybe, if I find the opportunity, but only to give him my suggestions. Maybe he’ll reflect a bit on it. I dont agree with him this time, but he’ll continue to be a friend for me. So Save, now we must try to forgive and forget… hard to be “Saint”! lol

SaveMe Oh: I only want you to know how he acts, what you do with it is up to you. This friend of yours bans me from LEA 18 to 20, ban also every SaveMe Oh he can find in SL, This friend of you makes sure I can’t visit the performance of MY friends Kikas and Marmaduke, and this friend of yours also makes sure I can’t visit your expo. I passed the stage of forgive and forget, for me he became one of the biggest assholes. How does a fluxus dada asshole looks?

Simotron Aquila: Yes yes, I understand. You are right to be angry.What I want to say you is that I’m not able to unban you, and personally I also dont like he unban you only to make a pleasure to a friend, without any convinction. and next time maybe he’ll do another time the same. I’d like he understand

SaveMe Oh: He turned out to be an asshole, his mask fell away, I fear not much to do about it. Maybe thats why he wear this big disguises

Simotron Aquila: Has been strange to me see him do it (he always went around telling that ban is stupid and there are mute and derender… that are better solution… )

SaveMe Oh: Thats why I am so angry

Simotron Aquila: so really I dont understand he react in this manner

SaveMe Oh: When Solo Mornington do that I am used to it, but he also came with his big attachments to my performances and I encouraged it because I believe it is essential

Simotron Aquila: yes yes

SaveMe Oh: But as always, when you start to be in power you get corrupted. And in his case it went very quick.

Simotron Aquila: I dont know… really… maybe because he was in difficult with so many people to handle…

SaveMe Oh: Than don’t. He doesnt have to be a sim owner

Simotron Aquila: Maybe he wanted to do all perfect and at the end he did a big mess… sometime people do big errors under pressure. Simotron Aquila: I try to think is this

SaveMe Oh: Maybe yes, but then you turn it around, but he gets worse and worse and start to be meaner by the moment.

Simotron Aquila: Eh… yes, you are right. Very strange people always react in the same manner and never stop one sec to think before

SaveMe Oh: There are so many options, mute, derender, ban for a day. But no, he has to ban me for a month and also every possible alt he can find. Thats powerplay, thats sick

Simotron Aquila: Yes, I couldnt believe it

SaveMe Oh: I wish you a great show under the rule of the dictator.

As the Christian Fundamentalist Rangers of BURN2 made sure Linden Lab banned SaveMe Oh for a day (how happy Eupalinos will be?) I decide to give my sweet alt SaveMe OHare a joyfull evening in secondlife and she end up by accident at Eupalinos LEA sim. Now bets are open. Will she get in?????

SaveMe OHare: Can you unban me here?

Eupalinos Ugajin: You can come with Cupido, you tested the other day

SaveMe OHare: I prefer to choose myself with which avatar I come, so can you unban me?

Eupalinos Ugajin: I will not have a conversation with you sorry, enough time wasted with your type of playing

SaveMe OHare: I don’t need any converstaion, so can you unban me or you need a convesation why you think Cupido is ok and SaveMe OHare not?

Eupalinos Ugajin: Once again I left Cupido as a possibility for you to visit the sim (if this is your real intention). But I doubt it

SaveMe OHare: What is the difference if I come with Cupido or SaveMe OHare?

Eupalinos Ugajin: No difference of course, but then if I follow you hmm “path” I should unban all your avatars right away

SaveMe OHare: Thats why you can unban me just as you allow Cupido. Or is a SaveMe’s alt worse than an Oh alt?

SaveMe OHare: Although most SaveMe’s are not my alt. Actually 80% you banned are not my alts.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Do you really think I’ll follow you on this path of yours ? I did explain the reasons already.

Eupalinos Ugajin: Not please paste the above on your blog and have a good evening

SaveMe OHare: You dont have to follow whatever, I just ask you to unban SaveMe OHare.

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