Artist Statement Of A LEA 25 Slave

Asmita Duranjaya: Hi SaveMe, welcome

SaveMe Oh: Why all those ridiculous chairs?

Asmita Duranjaya: I think they are comfortable. You think it would be better without?

SaveMe Oh: Why you think a virtual character needs to sit? What is the purpose?

Asmita Duranjaya: Visitors are used to sit to listen to a reading or to look at a show

SaveMe Oh: Do we need to do in an artsim what visitors are used to do?

Asmita Duranjaya: Why not? If the event is on a stage then it is nice to have.

SaveMe Oh: Why you transform free beings to your prisoners?

Asmita Duranjaya: I don’t do that, they do it volontarioulsy

SaveMe Oh: Yes, you force the most visitors to inactivity

Asmita Duranjaya: No, there are also float balls. They can decide what they want to do. Or they can stand or run around

SaveMe Oh: Why you want to be the prisoner of a floating ball? Don’t you see it’s such a stupid concept?

Asmita Duranjaya: It is transferred from RL I agree with you

SaveMe Oh: And consuming so much prims for an audience that you will hardly ever have. Why you copy RL?

Asmita Duranjaya: This here is only the event hall. My installations are in the sky boxes

SaveMe Oh: Why a hall? Is it snowing?

Asmita Duranjaya: this is a transit area

SaveMe Oh: Raining? Do avatars get wet? Do we need roofs?

Asmita Duranjaya: This is up to the imagination of the individual

SaveMe Oh: For flying avatars it’s horrible, those roofs

Asmita Duranjaya: That’s why I left a gap

SaveMe Oh: And you think the individual is not able to create his or her own imagination?

Asmita Duranjaya: Oh I think so

SaveMe Oh: So why you don’t let us?

Asmita Duranjaya: I let you

SaveMe Oh: Why you imprison us? Glue us on chairs. And why you have a DJ booth?

Asmita Duranjaya: It is an offer because today is an event

SaveMe Oh: So I have to believe the music comes from that DJ booth and not from somebody’s living room?

SaveMe Oh: Why you don’t create an empty event area, so we can create our own environment? So we can participate and interact?

Asmita Duranjaya: Because I wanted to create MY imagination of an event area

SaveMe Oh: Why we have to be victim of your imagination?

Asmita Duranjaya: That is your judgement

SaveMe Oh: No, a question

Asmita Duranjaya: But maybe others like it

SaveMe Oh: Maybe yes. But why?

Asmita Duranjaya: Ask them, not me. I act also according to my experience

SaveMe Oh: Dear visitors, do you love Asmita’s imagination?

Asmita Duranjaya: everybody will give you another answer :)))

SaveMe Oh: The glued chair people seem to be AFK. Did you check if they are still alive?

Asmita Duranjaya: Do the visitors always like your imagination?

SaveMe Oh: No, but should we care about what visitors like?

And then the SECURITATE came to check.

Snapshot_001 (2)

Quan Lavender: Hands up, SaveMe Oh!

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