For Your Own Safety You Have No Entry

After I left the furious Solo Mornington yesterday night in despair for being such a fool to let me buy a LEA sim for 0 Linden I found out that the bastard in his anger banned me from half LEA now. That is exactly how he works. He fucks up something and others must pay for it.

As a complete pariah now I almost have no place to go anymore as everywhere I bump with my head into banlines. Even at the little hide outs of some of my best friends I am not welcome anymore as those former freedom fighters have decided to join the dark forces of the oppressor. What the shining sparkling glitter of a free sim can do to people….

But luckily there are also people who keep their backbone straight and wipe their ass with the rules and regulations of the self acclaimed elite of our virtual world. My old friend Fuschia Nightfire (a real pink hippie) got a sim for free as the LEA committee has no idea how to fill the sims as they only support the ass lickers and handed out in panic some sims to friends of their friends friends. And now Fuschia turned out to be a friend of…..guess……

In a joined effort of some minutes we rebuild her complete LEA 22 to a SaveMe Oh sanctuary as the inventory of SaveMe Oh turned out to be 1000 times more interesting than the shit Fuschia had in her own. Only for the safety of the visitor we put all NO ENTRY lines around it as we don’t want avatars or noobs run by accident into the work of SaveMe Oh and after be hanged or executed by Solo Mornington for looking at a SaveMe Oh work. Even with the NO ENTRY lines we still advice visitors to take extreme caution as having an own opinion is not appreciated at all by the LEA committee and her new army of minions and acolytes.


There might be a party to celebrate this but it is better you act as if you didn’t read this. The advice is to eat your device after reading these words.

10 thoughts on “For Your Own Safety You Have No Entry

  1. “What the shining sparkling glitter of a free sim can do to people….”

    I am going to forget for a moment that, in regard to facts, and in your own immortal words, “I am not a journalist”, and pretend that you are indeed a journalist in order to set a few things straight, using as a starting point the piece of poison quoted above from your post. (By the way, I’m not writing this for you to read, it’s mostly for those naive souls among your readers who seem to religiously believe the descriptions of events you post here are factual.)

    First, we have NEVER applied for a LEA sim, and we have no intention of ever doing so. This is due to a very simple reason — we have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for a sim, from LEA or anyone else. Give us a sim for, say, six months and after that time you’ll find the sim exactly as it was before. as we simply wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    As for our recent participations in LEA sims, what happened was this: having been INVITED to participate in the Moving Islands project currently in LEA 20, as part of our collaboration in the project we proposed to do our show there, and it was accepted (this was at the same time we asked that you were unbanned at that LEA sim, at least for our show). As for our more recent show held at LEA 2, guess what? We were INVITED to do the show there.

    Going further backwards in time, in all we have done about 20 shows or performances on our own so far, and, again, guess what? Except for one occasion, we were always INVITED to do them. (The exception being the time we proposed to a common friend to do the show at her sim, called Solace, in which case our offer was, it seems to me, enthusiastically accepted, at least we certainly didn’t need to beg. much less whore ourselves, to do that particular show; but don’t take my word or it, ask our common friend who owned that sim at the time).

    I’d have a lot more to say, but I think this is enough at least for the time being. Meanwhile, feel free to go ahead with your poisoned comments about us.

  2. It is great that you are invited so much to perform your adventures with Kikas everywhere, As a fan I think it is one of the few interesting performances in Secondlife that I find worth attending. So please let me be not in your way when you accept those invitations.
    However if I was in the same position as you are I would make other choices. I would never perform anywhere if I would hear that you were banned or not welcome. I would never perform in a sim of a “friend” who agree with measures taken against one of my other friends. If I would hear that you were not welcome anywhere I would organise all the art together to protest against it and fight it.
    And last but not least, when I would discover you with an alt in a sim where you were banned I would secretly give you an applause and not start screaming around the sim: LOOK A SPY!
    So now after all the years we battled together against idiots like Solo Mornington and the BURN2 rangers now you feel the need to defend poor Solo because you decide also to be part of the asslickers is hard for me to understand.
    And about what is true or not, as an artist I don’t care that much but as you already know from an earlier conflict we had, backstabbing is not my favorite cup of tea.
    Now before you are going to dig up endless proof of you being right it is more easy when you would say, performing in a LEA sim is for me more important than if SaveMe Oh or any other friend is banned there or not.

    • “backstabbing”

      Where I live, we have this tradition we’re very proud of: whenever someone is accused of something, that person has a right to present his or her defense against the accusations before being pronounced guilty. So we consider it extremely barbaric to go call an accused person things like “Judas”, “backstabber” and “traitor” on the public square based simply on the words of an anonymous “source” without taking the slightest step to hear the accused’s version of events. This, shall we say, dictatorial behavior is obviously even more inexcusable if the persons involved were, nominally at least, friends. At least with the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” it was “Sentence first, trial later” — with you, it’s just the sentence.

      • Now what sentence you got, my dear action hero? A sentence in selfpity? Now get yourself together as we have sim to liberate. BTW, you want the LM where you can get the Solo Mornington avatar so you can make fun of him in a decent way?

    • “when I would discover you with an alt in a sim where you were banned I would secretly give you an applause and not start screaming around the sim: LOOK A SPY!”

      I seem to recall having left the sim immediately after the arrival of the SPY wthout saying a word, but maybe I’m lying.

      “endless proof of you being right”

      thanks, I couldn’t have put it better.

      • Of course you are lying, this is the first the devil asks from people who just sold their soul. When we can expect the next LEA performance, so I can create a new alt as you blown the cover of this one? BTW, I am banned now from all LEA sims unless an artist demands my presence. So don’t forget to ask Eupa, or other people who invite you, if the can unban me for the event. Ofcourse only when you still want me there?!

      • “Of course you are lying”

        One thing we can surely agree on: one of us is lying. Such a pity none of us saved the chat that would settle this matter, exposing a serial liar for the greater good of the world… anyway I feel you’re more to blame than me for this lapse. after all you seem to have an obsession with copying and pasting chats while I have very little patience for that. Anyway, I intend to be more careful the next time I spot the SPY.

        Ah!, but I suddenly recall: I did save the chat of a conversation we had (when you rudely showed up at our place without being invited) the day after your attempted sabotage of a certain event at Alpha Auer’s.

        Because the strange thing is, the next day you published a post about this matter, titled “Kikas and Marma are furious” — but didn’t include one single line of that conversation! I found this very odd, knowing your compulsion to publish the chats you have with everyone and their dog.

        Perhaps you didn’t save it? Tsk, tsk… But fortunately in that case I can help you by giving you a copy of the chat, and perhaps you could publish on your blog, “due to recent developments”, an updated version of the “Kikas and Marma are furious” post including that chat, or its more relevant parts, not forgetting to share it widely on FB like you normally do with your posts.

      • “When we can expect the next LEA performance, so I can create a new alt as you blown the cover of this one?”

        I don’t know when we’ll do our next performance at LEA (or anywhere else), we haven’t been INVITED again yet. But don’t worry, you’ll know like everyone else since it will obviously be announced beforehand.

        But why show up as a new SPY since I blew the cover of the previous one? Cupido Oh is not banned at LEA. I can’t believe you are afraid the poor man will be mocked, or worse still, humiliated if he shows up.

        Anyway, your obsessive interest in attending our next show sounds to me more like a threat than being part of a desire to watch our silly scenes and perhaps laugh a bit at them. And considering that you’ve already publicly threatened to go after us in Open Sim (after erroneously interpreting a new scene we previewed as meaning that we were going to run away, presumably from you, from SL to OS) with your fascistic army of OS SMO clones, and worse still, actually threatened to visit us in RL (!!!!!!!!!), I find it very difficult not to believe that your obsession in attending our next show is simply sinister.

        (By the way, spare me the answer that by making these threats you were “only joking”.)

      • Sinister, threats, fascistic army? Is this what happens with people who finally join the opressor, they become more extreme than their former enemy? Solo must roll out of is chair laughing although you better warn him how dangerous it is for dictators to roll out of their chair.
        I think it is better I invite you for the next performance, friday 31 february to celebrate the rezday of Fuschia Nightfire. 1PM SLT in LEA 22, the only sim where I am allowed to be myself, all the others I am banned.
        Btw, Cupido Oh is not my alt, he is my father. (unfortunatly)

  3. I didn’t save the chat indeed as I hardly ever save chats with friends as they are mostly worthless for good drama, but when you insist, please send me a copy as we don’t want any uncertainty around the good name and fame of respected action heroes.

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