Hiding At My Lawyers

Bock McMillan: I have a friend coming to live here

SaveMe Oh: Do I know the friend? Don’t tell me it’s Betty or I get a heart attack

Bock McMillan: No not Betty

SaveMe Oh: what a relief

Bock McMillan: Haha I heard you had a great party yesterday

SaveMe Oh: Yes, it was very nice but I was not prepared for not being banned. Normally Ultralight puts that in her contract.

Bock McMillan: I am so sorry I forgot to stay here to do that

SaveMe Oh: Why you should? Don’t you have any compassion with me?

Bock McMillan: Yes I have

SaveMe Oh: Yesterday they banned me in all sims of LEA so please have some compassion otherwise I have no other option than to hang me in one of your trees

Bock McMillan: Oh no

SaveMe Oh: (before you clean out your sim)

Bock McMillan: Please commit suicide somewhere else. I do not want your blood on my hands.

SaveMe Oh: Depends of your behaviour

Hug & Kiss 2.0 Deluxe: Bock McMillan invited you to a couple animation, choose ‘yes’ to accept

SaveMe Oh: a kiss of death?

Bock McMillan: You will see

SaveMe Oh: I have not kissed for ages. I am afraid.

Bock McMillan: Pfft no kiss

SaveMe Oh: Omg, what else you have in mind?

Bock McMillan: Be brave

SaveMe Oh: Ok I try

Bock McMillan: Accept it

SaveMe Oh: But I don’t want your tongue in my mouth. Promise?

Bock McMillan: I only stick my tongue into my husband’s mouth

SaveMe Oh: That makes it even filthier, what he had for diner?

Bock McMillan: I thought you were a courageous woman

SaveMe Oh: Ok ok

Bock McMillan: It seems you are a coward

Hug & Kiss 2.0 Deluxe: say /50stop to stop the animation prematurely


Bock McMillan: Yaaaaaay! Thank you, my dear 😉 So did that kill you?

SaveMe Oh: I am still trembling

Bock McMillan: Are you trying to pinch my ass? Brb going for a smoke.

SaveMe Oh: You smoke???? OMG I kissed an ashtray.

Bock McMillan: Do you want me to eject you?

SaveMe Oh: I dont want to be a witness of your ejections

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