An Old Persons Guide For Taming A Troll

If you start trying to be an artist on a certain age, not in the real world anymore, but for example in a virtual world like Secondlife it is valuable to have the tool to keep all those young trolls from your back who seem to have a great pleasure in disturbing all your openings, exhibitions and events.


What can you do to minimise the damage they undoubtedly will try to do? Here is the trick: create them a playground, make them a little kindergarten.


Betty Omo finally found out how, after years and years of producing the same project! She dropped moving objects in her environment and at once she had no problem with the troll anymore. To her delight she could see the troll didn’t waste a second and jumped on the moving object and didn’t stop playing with her enormous box of attachments until the event had finished. Important is that the moving object in not completely isolated from the audience as the troll won’t take the bite without the illusion of being seen by the audience once in a while. The advice is to let the troll come close 10 seconds from every minute that will satisfy the troll.

As Betty finally let me interact it was sleeping at the job

All the elderly people who had in real life not seen a dance floor for more than 50 years could undisturbed pretend to be dancing with their avatar. Ultralight, the frozen artist pretending to make music could stand undisturbed frozen on a stage and the troll, she made circle after circle in her moving cage without noticing she was fooled.


Ofcourse this tactics also have some disadvantages. The risk is always present that watching the playing troll turns out to be much more interesting than watching the frozen artist as for example Ultralight. And it is also not very nice for the creator of the environment that after the event only the pics from the playing troll turn out to be nice were the pics from the parked avatars in front of the frozen artist are boring and dull as ever. And the biggest risk of all is that during the event nobody is actually listening anymore to the concert from for example an Ultralight, who gave in this example maybe her most bad concert ever. One troll overheard another troll say this about the concert: “when I put my keyboard on autopilot it is more exiting”.


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