I Demand The Presence Of SaveMe Oh

Last week I met poor Fuschia Nightfire in a state of deep despair. Just as Gracie Kendal and Eupalinos Ugajin she was struggling with a heavy primblock. You make on paper a great plan, you are granted a LEA sim but after you have not a clue what to do with all those prims.

Luckily Fuschia is not the kind of ego-maniac like Gracie or Eupalinos so she has not any problem at all to accept some help from old friends.


I helped her out with some nice SaveMe Oh collector’s items and you saw the girl on the spot turning from pale to Fuschia. But the joy only lasted some hours, in no time I had all my stuff returned and found myself banned from every LEA sim. Fuschia couldn’t believe what was happening; she looked the LEA contract up and couldn’t find what problem had occurred.

These were the rules they had given her:

LEA rules state:

The full sim will start January 1… 15000 prim…the sim will be “sold” to you for one month free…  you may buy it under a group so you can have collaborators if you choose… the works you put on the sim do not have to be new… they can be old favourites, new builds you didn’t have a place to show… huge pieces~ the choice is yours. The biggest thing is~ USE it. No pressure…just have fun with it. Just a few things to mention~

1.you can’t sell art from the sim

2.you may have lm/notecard givers to your business where you do sell art

3.you may have music events there if you like

4.tip jars are ok

5.the sim must remain open to the public

6.sims are moderate

So apparently she and I had not broken any rule. Owner of this sim was Jayjay Zifanwe so Fuschia asked him what the problem was.


Please could you give clarification as to why SaveMe Oh got banned from my sim and her work was returned to her. I was under the impression that I was allowed to do anything I wanted to within this sim during the month that I had it and I was working on collaboration with this artist. I understand that she had been banned from many of the other LEA sims, but the work we were doing in my sim did not go against any of the LEA rules as far as I can tell and we are now unable to continue with our work together as she cannot enter the sim. I only have the sim for another few days, until the end of the month and would please like to have SaveMe allowed to enter for the remaining duration.


As always Jayjay Zifanwe played again the saint who has no clue;

Jayjay Zifanwe: I don’t know why you were banned but I think Fuschia wants you there. I’ll unban you.

SaveMe Oh: Thanks a lot, somebody banned me from the region and all the stuff Fuschia asked me to rez was send back

But then the real shocking question I had to ask him, which led to a great silence at his side:

SaveMe Oh: Now Fuschia told me that your committee in its endless wisdom decided to ban me always on LEA sims unless an artist demand my presence. Is this true? Since when? And decided by whom? And can I receive a written confirmation of that if that is the truth?


So before it is too late, better see the exclusive work of SaveMe Oh Fuschia Nightfire has collected and celebrate her rezday on 31 January at 1 PM SLT in her LEA 22 sim.

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