The Generous Heart Of Tyrehl Byk

As all the LEA sims are owned by Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe and LaPiscean Liberty (what’s in a name) and the committee in her endless wisdom has decided to ban me from all sims unless an artist wants me there I will have to beg to every single artist for exile.

One of the artists granted a sim is the notorious Tyrehl Beck who said about me:

After having personally witnessed the “performances” of this person (SaveMe Oh) for several years it is clear that there is very little playful intent in evidence. What I’ve witnessed repeatedly are the acts of a cyber-bully who appears to derive perverse satisfaction from forcing herself into the lives of others and then gleefully watching the results.

She repeats this same process over and over and over again with almost no variation while cowardly hiding behind the false facade of a “performance artist”

These aren’t creative or artistically important performances. These are the rebellious acts of a one-trick pony who is more interested in manipulation, control and self-aggrandizement than in actual creativity. I feel sorry for her.



SaveMe with pigs, Quan and Tyrehl in happier times

And this opion about me he also had:

My point has always been that even IF someone considers SaveMe Oh as a satirical character, (which I do not) I can’t imagine what low standard of value would be required to consider her a competent representation of the art form, much less a masterful one.

If her work had any important depth at all, she would be able to establish her own venue, or find lots of others willing to provide her space in theirs and then draw huge crowds of people who would CHOOSE to witness SaveMe Oh’s performances. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to be able to do that, and as a cheap substitute she attempts to obnoxiously force her repetitive, shallow, poorly crafted, and egocentric ideas onto others in their own venues during their own events under the misguided idea that what she does is universally valuable.



Surprised sheep listen to Tyrehl’s proposal

But now in 2014 to my big surprise he contacted me. A trick? Having a Save Bashing Party with the other LEA members?

Tyrehl Byk: So I got this LEA sim for 5 months starting in a few days and I need to have at least one event on the sim during the run.  What if I gave you an hour sometime to do anything you wish?

SaveMe Oh: Don’t worry, they banned me at all LEA sims

Tyrehl Byk: I’ll be the estate manager.  I can have whomever I wish.

SaveMe Oh: When you have the guts you allow me in all 5 months and see what happens

Tyrehl Byk: Ok, I say one hour…you say 5 months.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t flatter yourself; I won’t be there 5 months 100% sure

Tyrehl Byk: Do you want to have a performance during my run or not?

SaveMe Oh: As you know I perform when I feel to it, schedule a performance is soooo old school RL thinking. Next thing is you offering me seats to glue my audience in

Tyrehl Byk: The only reason to schedule it is so that we could let people know when it will be.  To perform without an audience would be pointless, wouldn’t you agree? I would put no restrictions on what you may do.

SaveMe Oh: I think it is very sweet of you but when I have the chance I accept restrictions of nobody in my screen. Of course we can work together, that is something else.

Tyrehl Byk: I’m not sure I follow that.

SaveMe Oh: I don’t accept any of your restrictions and also don’t accept you as an owner of something, but when you want to give me the freedom to anticipate once in a while on your buildings I would like it.  And for that you just ask the LEA politburo to allow me in your sim and you talk with me what we could do.

Tyrehl Byk: Ok, just so you know…the LEA won’t have any say in who I can invite to the sim.  That decision will be up to me, and me alone.

SaveMe Oh: On the moment not

Tyrehl Byk: As far as whatever I’ve built on the land prior to your performance, I couldn’t care less how you interact with it. This will be a sim open for your imagination.

SaveMe Oh: The owners have me banned on all sims and only when a artist request my unbanning they will do so

Tyrehl Byk: I’d help you draw an audience, but that would be the limit of my participation. SaveMe…you aren’t understanding me.  The new LEA grants give me full estate management decisions over who can and cannot appear on the sim.  The power will be mine, and mine alone, and I’m inviting you in. If you want to strut your stuff….here is your chance. If you want to thumb your nose at the LEA…fine by me.

SaveMe Oh: You will have to ask Solo, Jayjay or LaPiscean first, trust me

SaveMe Oh: Fuschia invited me but they banned me immediately

Tyrehl Byk: Leave that to me.

SaveMe Oh: she had to wrote to Jayjay to make that right again

Tyrehl Byk: Was that on Jayjay’s sim? The LEA sim he controls?

SaveMe Oh: The 3 mentioned before own all LEA sim. All have their zone of sims. So you also have a boss, one of those 3.

Tyrehl Byk: OK, so let’s not argue that point…If I’m right and I can have whoever I wish…will you entertain my offer?

SaveMe Oh: I will not come for an hour, that’s a trick to get rid of we the rest of the 5 months, when you allow me unlimited access I accept.

Tyrehl Byk: I don’t need a trick to get rid of you.

SaveMe Oh: I only want my freedom without restrictions.

Tyrehl Byk: I’m offering you a window of opportunity to demonstrate your artistic mastery. So if an hour is too little, and I think that 5 months is too much, how should we make this opportunity happen?

SaveMe Oh: As if you are the nice curator giving a poor artist a last chance? I have windows open all over the world. When I accept it is my believes in interaction. So start with granting me entrance to your sim and see what happens. And know that it’s not my game to disturb you

Tyrehl Byk: “game” is not the adjective I was thinking of. You’re a cipher. I’m not entirely certain what is at the center of your art.

SaveMe Oh: Good thing is I don’t have to discuss that with you as you don’t have to tell me what’s the center of yours. I am simple a performer that uses stages that I find

Tyrehl Byk: I’d rather see it than hear it. Listens. Well…that much seems certain.

SaveMe Oh: So do you trust me enough to cut away the fences around your sim or you agree with the committee that everybody has to be protected from me getting to close?

Tyrehl Byk: I would say that for the duration of your performance…(whatever duration we decide that will be)…there would be no fences, and no one would expect or receive “protection” as silly as that concept in a virtual world is. This is your opportunity to do whatever you want to do, in front of, or on top of whatever and whomever is in the sim.

SaveMe Oh: You make it sound like an exclusive offer, as if not all SL lies ahead of me to perform. When you really want to offer me something you offer me in without conditions. When you start to hate me again you can always call in your friends again to remove me, or if you get a kick out of it you can do it yourself.

Tyrehl Byk: That much is certain…why should it be otherwise? Sweetheart…you confuse hate with ego.

SaveMe Oh: And you confuse your offer with my natural right

Tyrehl Byk: That is an odd statement that doesn’t seem to have an objective idea of what constitutes a “right”. Or a “natural right”

SaveMe Oh: You can discuss for hours like a real Solo Mornington, I am happy when you just make sure I can enter your sim. Thanks for your big heart.

Tyrehl Byk: sighs…thinks you are missing the point of my offer.

SaveMe Oh: What makes you think an hour performance in your sim is interesting for me? You think I am in search for that kind of options?

Tyrehl Byk: What makes you think I wouldn’t entertain a longer period of time?

SaveMe Oh: Unban me there and you will notice quickly enough if I got inspired to interact with your work or if I was in the mood to perform.

Tyrehl Byk: …or multiple periods of time….say every wednesday at X hour…

SaveMe Oh: And trust me, when I want an audience they will come

Tyrehl Byk: Sweetheart, I’m not a rube.

SaveMe Oh: And when I want to perform I can do so all day long in Two Fish so it’s about interaction with your work, nothing else.

Tyrehl Byk: I disagree.

SaveMe Oh: Ok to stop the discussion, will you allow me in your sim or not?

Tyrehl Byk: You say it is about interaction with my work, but I think what you really mean is that is about interaction with the viewers of my work, and that is something I’m willing to accomodate. I will. I want to see what you can do without all the restrictive crap you’ve been subjected to for so long.

SaveMe Oh: TP me when you want me there

Tyrehl Byk: Oooh…now there is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Then again, you aren’t on my friend’s list. When are your usual hours of being in SL?

SaveMe Oh: I am always online as I have more operators

Tyrehl Byk: I have no idea what that means.

SaveMe Oh: Me neither

SaveMe Oh: TP me on the opening of you sim and then don’t ban me again and see if you can stand it.

Tyrehl Byk: Understood…..this could be interesting. Then and your blog thrive on the banning events….we can’t leave a thirsty crowd wanting, can we?

SaveMe Oh: Now you be the first to proof to the thirsty crowd that art without the banning factor is much more interesting.

SaveMe Oh: I will blog this so my thirsty readers can get used to a future without bans.

Tyrehl Byk: The future is now.

2 thoughts on “The Generous Heart Of Tyrehl Byk

  1. Never mind Appe, as you are the wet dream of any clothes designer . Save, tp me when the show is on, I will come and be audience if only my computer has come back in a healthier way than the last mnths.

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