This Is Confidential Said The NSA (OTE)

First I was asked in confidence a year ago by OPEN THIS END to be a curator in a RL museum exhibition:

Aino Baar: Would you like to be one of the curators for the museum exhibition?

SaveMe Oh: Explain more please

Aino Baar: I think you represent a different point of view and your art and the artists you like to select could be very interesting way of digital art.

But soon it turned out that my “different point of view” was more a trick to get in contact with a certain acquaintance of me who makes movies once in a while. This became even more evident when a concept I send was reworked in something completely different.

Second I was last week confidential asked by OPEN THIS END if I would like to exhibit in the same RL museum:

Aino Baar: Do you want to be exhibit at the museum?

SaveMe Oh: yes, of course

And in confidence I also heard that they tried to get a LEA sim but were turned down.

Aino Baar: We have to do different programs to capture public if we finally can get some sims, because we have no one

SaveMe Oh: Steal some LEA ones, they have sims enough

Aino Baar: We did it but you have seen the result, no one for our project

SaveMe Oh: Hope you didn’t mention me, then you have no chance at all

Aino Baar: They said some artists won the sims. We presented the project and a list of our selected artists and yes, you were there in the list.

SaveMe Oh: OMG!!!! How dumb can you be? They hate me.

SaveMe Oh: Because they are the representatives of the old system they have no clue about the virtual world. They think they have to hire RL painters and sculptures who can glue some prims together. Sad but true.

Aino Baar: But I will never give up and I continue asking them for sims. We really need them for the performances and live events.

SaveMe Oh: Wrong, you don’t need them at all for performances. SL gives us the ability to WEAR. I can perform wherever I want. Even you don’t understand this. How loud I scream, nobody seems to get it and stays staring at SIMS

Aino Baar: Because the prims needed

SaveMe Oh: You wear the prims dear, sigh. I can WEAR a sim. When you see Fuschias movie…I wear everything. I can do that at your home too or in your toilet or kitchen. Virtual, I mean.

Aino Baar: Yes yes I guess 🙂 Well I will give them a chance to think right

SaveMe Oh: I will kill them in the mean time

Aino Baar: I am sure they don’t understand a word about what means and the consequences to exhibit at a real life museum (maybe more than one) for months and with an online exhibition too

SaveMe Oh: Not at all

Aino Baar: jajajajaa noo pls I need them to give us the sims

SaveMe Oh: They are wannabe curators, wannabe artists and wannabe art critics. It’s truly a disgrace.

Aino Baar: Yes and I am trying to explain all the benefits for SL, for artists, and even for LEA

SaveMe Oh: That’s the work of visionaries, the work lying ahead of us

Aino Baar: I thought it were evident…

SaveMe Oh: They don’t know what future they are holding in their hands and they might kill it before it got alive

Aino Baar: I couldn’t believe when they said us a no. No to do a real life exhibition with SL artists? At a museum? For months? With an online exhibition on parallel?

SaveMe Oh: The narrow-minded are ruling there. I fight them already all my SL. They are more interested in the status of their avatar than in art

Aino Baar: Because the answer is nonsense I am sure they will change their opinion with patience and emails and explanations and more patience and more. They said no and they didn’t give us no one sim of the 20 they had.

SaveMe Oh: Any explanation?

Aino Baar: only :no

SaveMe Oh: They are really the dictators of SL

Aino Baar: But I am trying to convince them with many explanations

SaveMe Oh: Did you also request directly to the LINDEN?

Aino Baar: Not yet. I am waiting for LEA answer. I will tell you the news as soon as possible

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and now go quick add one of my movies to your page, you may choose

Aino Baar: But please all that chat and info as you can easily understand is totally confidential.

SaveMe Oh: Of course, you know I am almost mother Teresa

Aino Baar: you know we work for free only to help artists and art. We are art professionals and we are working here without gaining a single euro

SaveMe Oh: And you know I fight those bastards who are in our way already 7 years for free

Third I was asked a few days later in confidence by OPEN THIS END some information:

Hello SaveMe,

Just one short and absolutely confidential question please: We would like to know all the information you can give us about Quan Lavender in SL and RL.

We think she is really very toxic for SL and for artists and art.

But we need information.

Thanks and hugs!


This was for me the limit. I like to be part of virtual art but not in this way. I have my issues with Quan Lavender and her monstrous horsedicks, I hate it when somebody like her with no quality at all is a LEA member and misuses her power to ban people and obstruct art, and I do know who she is in RL but I will never share that with others as that is up to her if she wants to share that to the world.

If you need a spy, go find somebody else or ask one of my alts.

7 thoughts on “This Is Confidential Said The NSA (OTE)

  1. Save Me, Do you ever post blog entries that don’t trash someone? That don’t insult people? Where you don’t spend most of the page wondering why you are disliked? I’d be happy to clarify that for you if you’d like.

  2. Luckily Save Me all the world knows you perfectly and knows that no one can not even trust in your words and in what you say. Be happy saying nonsense things and burning bridges meanwhile.

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