Moral Issues On A Horsedick

Emmalena Damour: I think it is wrong to invade anyones privacy in the way you did and to Photograph it. Don’t tell anyone it was an accident or a coincidence that you photographed it. Why would you even do anything. People regardless who they are deserve privacy.

Patrick Cournoyer: Agreed, in principle

SaveMe Oh: And avatars too?

Ush Underwood 2

Emmalena Damour: And avatars too, there are real people behind those avatars

SaveMe Oh: And what if you are invited in a home and they have sex?

Emmalena Damour: Well you weren’t invited to come at that time, you were invited to come the day before

SaveMe Oh: There was not a time set

Emmalena Damour: Well you came the previous day

SaveMe Oh: You always go directly when somebody sends you a LM?

Emmalena Damour: She wasn’t expecting you to come back again

SaveMe Oh: I wasn’t expecting her there riding a horsedick either

Iono Allen

Emmalena Damour: It’s her sim, her house. She can do what she wants on her own land

SaveMe Oh: Of course, and I can go wherever I am invited, not?

Emmalena Damour: You on the other hand should never have taken photographs, that is just rude and if you saw she was intimate you should have left

SaveMe Oh: Now what If Quan want somebody as a voyeur?  And is your stomach perforated by a horsedick an intimate act? Poor Quan was almost in two parts

Emmalena Damour: Well I am not going to argue with you, I think you are jealous about her actions or you wouldn’t have said a word let alone take photos

Josef K.

ChrysTeRox: Really is this the place for this discussion? I thought this was about art.

Emmalena Damour: I can imagine that you lost a lot of friends over the post you made. People will not trust you anymore. They will feel that you will broadcast all there private moments on a blog.

SaveMe Oh: Jealous I am not at all and I have not any desire to get my stomach perforated too, for artsake the pics where masterpieces, I have a complete museum with them which can be invited to any home. And Emma, are you aware you can also end up on my blog or do you need some publicity?

Emmalena Damour: No I don’t need publicity and I will not end up in your blog under those circumstances.

SaveMe Oh: And what is you attitude towards horses?

Emmalena Damour: I own horses in RL and in SL

SaveMe Oh: Hope not for the same reasons Quan does?

Emmalena Damour: You have one sick mind

SaveMe Oh: Now there comes in the art. Or was it Quan with the sick mind? Ah no, she is in the welfare business, so she is mother Teresa.

Fafner Hofmann

Emmalena Damour: You obviously do as you can’t let it go. Get over it people have sex, avatars have sex and if you are an sl virgin then I will clap for you

SaveMe Oh: I was not talking about sex, I was actually talking about a freakshow. Maybe I should exhibit the pics in your photostudio so you can have a better look

Emmalena Damour: No you will not be allowed to exibit in my gallery ever!

SaveMe Oh: You already have me banned without knowing me?

Emmalena Damour: No you can come and look but you will not be able to rez anything

SaveMe Oh: I never rez.  rez is for losers.

Ziki 3

17 thoughts on “Moral Issues On A Horsedick

  1. Privacy, in SL, is an illusion and it’s stupid to ignore that or feel safe. Privacy in rl is an illusion, too, thanks NSA and similar. Now, not sure that NSA will ever make an exhibit with all the documents they gather, but it is an option.

    And as someone said it before, use an alt if you want have secret sex in sl. In rl, it’s more difficult…But never forget that there is a horse behind every avatar.

  2. Besides being a repugnant coward and a liar, SaveMe Oh is a dictator too (join the Licking Every Ass group in Facebook to know the details).

  3. In my opinion, the ONLY reason SaveMe Oh has “defenders” is because those persons are terrified that if they displease her in any way they’ll be classified as “enemies” and become subjects of her “brutal art”. I may be wrong of course.

    • Marma your logic here is as stupid as your figure´s in the Wearers Adventures often is. Sadly not at all as funny.

    • I can’t believe to read here almost word for word exactly the kind of crap that you were personally fighting very hard and laughing at during the good old LEA 5 days. Solo Mornington, get out of this body!
      Is there a group for anonymous reformed minions?

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