Feed A Smile Steals My Rez Day

As everybody knows the event of the year is always SaveMe Oh’s rezday on 23 February and now the Mother Teresa’s of FEED A SMILE have stolen exactly that day for their charity event. Can’t all those snob wannabe celebrities who auction themselves of to feed a poor kid in Kenya not just open their PayPal account and donate all the money they waste every year on secondlife at once to Kenya? Do they need to expose themselves in a popularity contest so they can say after: look at me, how much Linden I am worth? And what you get for it? 2 Hours free banning lessons from Eupalinos Ugajin for the highest bidder or how to get your wash clean with Omo, showed by Betty Tureaud? It has e certain perversion it is held in MadPea where they are all the time busy to commercialise their ideas, everything they build, and they build well, is hidden behind commercial billboards and shops. As if the credo is; let’s first get filthy rich so we can after feed a smile.

But as I am recently accused of having a lack of empathy I decided to show that deep secret spot where some say the last bit of compassion must be hiding. And so I told Kiana Writer, owner of MadPea she could have all the presents I will surely receive on my rezday.

SaveMe Oh: Now where you want me to perform on my rezday?

Kiana Writer: Oh wow, it really is your rezday!

SaveMe Oh: Yes it is

Kiana Writer: Yeah, we were thinking of you when planning this

SaveMe Oh: I hate you all for stealing my day so I want something in return

Kiana Writer: I know, but it’s all for the children.

SaveMe Oh: Fine with me, I perform.

Kiana Writer: The thing is.. the event is at Mad City, I think you need one large area?

SaveMe Oh: I sell “dresses” for participators, and all the money can go to Feed A Smile.

SaveMe Oh: I need a space of 64×64, empty, without your stupid commercials and I need a music stream.

Kiana Writer: What kind of dresses?

SaveMe Oh: Tell me when you have time and I show you.

Kiana Writer: Ok, so it’d probably need to be either then before or after the thing begins

Kiana Writer: I will in an hour.. just need to feed my kids here first

SaveMe Oh: IM me when you have time and I tp you to show what I have in mind. And please dump the kids.

So when she was feeding her kids instead of being busy with FEED A SMILE I patiently waited until she had stuffed her kids.

Kiana Writer: Ok.. I’m pretty sad.. I’ve tried to talk to the team about this but I’m getting told no, because we can’t give special ‘treatment’ to anyone and make stages. 😦

SaveMe Oh: Then let the poor kids starve. A very clever team you have.

When you have doubts what SaveMe Oh and FA could do for the world better watch this movie.


One thought on “Feed A Smile Steals My Rez Day

  1. “As everybody knows the event of the year is always SaveMe Oh’s rezday on 23 February”

    I would have said “In my opinion” instead of “As everybody knows”.

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